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Does OSHA Accept Virtual CPR Training?

While The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does accept online safety and health training to satisfy training requirements, OSHA does not accept online-only certifications for employees that are required to have CPR training. CPR certification must include hands-on experience in order to comply with OSHA Requirements.  

Throughout this article, we will discuss how you can receive the online and hands-on training you need in order to receive your CPR certification. We will also cover what OSHA requires for online and in-person training. 

What is CPR?

The acronym CPR stands for the term cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency medical procedure that is a combination of repeated chest compressions and artificial ventilation. This technique is used to restore the blood circulation and brain function of a person whose heart is not beating or who has stopped breathing. 

CPR should only be performed in emergencies and as long as there are no medical personnel nearby who can do it. You should not attempt to perform CPR if you have not received proper training and if you do not know how to do it correctly. 

Why Do I Need to Know CPR?

CPR is an important skill that can preserve a life in a medical emergency until medical professionals arrive. Therefore, learning how to perform CPR in that kind of situation could end up saving someone’s life.

Accidents can happen in any workplace at any time. Meaning that at any point in time, a co-worker could fall unconscious and require CPR. Knowing CPR can be the key to saving a life. Because of this, everyone would benefit from learning how to administer CPR and being prepared. 

Does OSHA Require Online CPR Certification?

The Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) requires that at least one (but there can be more) employee is adequately trained to administer first aid. However, OSHA does not specifically require employees to be CPR certified. 

There are certain circumstances, though, in which OSHA actually does require employees to be certified in CPR. If the workplace is not in close proximity to a hospital, then, in both the construction industry and the general industry, at least one person per worksite should be CPR certified. This is so that in the event of an emergency, there is someone who can provide sufficient aid to the injured individual until emergency services arrive. 

OSHA Requirements For Online CPR Classes

While OSHA does not require everyone to complete a CPR safety training course, there are some employees and professions who are required to have it. Therefore, OSHA requires that an online CPR course covers the following topics:

OSHA Requirements For Onsite CPR Training Classes

There are three different types of CPR classes, each one designed for a different audience; for example, the general public does not need the same training as paramedics do. The three class levels are listed below:

Adult CPR: This simplest form of CPR covers the basic techniques for adults, teens, and adolescents. It also should include basic training for AED use. This class level works great for workplaces that are not in the healthcare industry. 

Pediatric CPR: If your job has you caring for children under the age of eight, this is the CPR class for you. The resuscitation techniques are very different from those that would be used on an adult. A class like this should cover the proper airway clearance and chest compression ratio for:

Professional Rescue CPR: These classes are required for all emergency medical personnel. This class should cover topics such as:

American Heart Association

The American Heart Association (AHA) is the most widely known CPR education and training program in the US. Many healthcare providers and healthcare workers trust the AHA for their CPR training. The CPR learning courses that are developed and provided by the AHA are created the way they are in order to meet OSHA Requirements. 

These regulations include the following topics:

National CPR Foundation

The National CPR Foundation (NCPRF) is another learning platform that is also recognized throughout the United States. They offer the latest techniques and information that employees can use to properly administer CPR. The NCPRF strictly adheres to OSHA guidelines which means they meet the same standards as AHA.

About Us 

There are many ways to accomplish safety training. Unfortunately, some trainings are draining and hard to follow. But at the end of the day, safety training should be welcomed as a blessing rather than frowned upon as a burden. 

Here at Hard Hat Training, our goal is to make safety training easy, fun, and affordable. Our training materials are consistently updated, enabling us to provide the most thorough and up-to-date training options available on the market today. Our vision is to help companies minimize accidents and fatalities through consistent, in-depth training. 

OSHA Aligned Courses

All of our training courses are OSHA Aligned and include only the most necessary safety information that your employees will need. Our learning development and quality assurance teams spend a lot of time researching the safety information, giving us the ability to provide you with the best and most important information. 

Our Online CPR Training Course

Our course catalog presents companies with over 200 training topics to choose from, and each course is fully narrated and organized to keep the mind engaged. There are a lot of ways to accomplish safety training that are easy, affordable, and convenient. 

Our CPR Online training course (this course includes AED) is OSHA Aligned and adheres with AHA standards. The topics you can expect to cover in this course are how to:

We also offer other first aid courses such as:

First Aid & CPR Safety Training

First Aid & CPR for Agriculture

Our Train the Trainer Courses

Training your employees in CPR can be difficult, and it requires sufficient knowledge and skill in order to do so effectively. In addition to our training kits, you can purchase a train the trainer course to get you well-acquainted with the material. 

A train the trainer course is designed to help employers become experts in their field. The courses provide a deep dive into the subject of your choosing and can be as brief as a few hours. It focuses on the material you’ll be teaching and how to effectively teach it to an employee. 

Upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate, certifying you as a CPR safety trainer. From there, you’ll be prepared to confidently lead your employees to a safer and happier work environment.