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HazCom – What is HazCom?

HazCom – What is HazCom?

What is HazCom?

HazCom is the abbreviation version of Hazard Communication. It must be found in every workplace that has any chemicals. The sole purpose of HazCom is to allow manufacturers, distributors, and employers to communicate the hazards associated with any chemicals that an employee will be working with.

Under OSHA, every employee has the right to know what hazards they could potentially be exposed to in their workplace. The HazCom Standard from OSHA includes hazard classification, labels, safety data sheets, and information and training. If you click on the menu bar on the left of OSHA’s HazCom Standards website, you will see examples of each one.

What does HazCom include?

HazCom includes those standards listed above to communicate the inherent dangers of each hazardous chemical in the workplace. These standards must be available and understandable for every employee.

Hazard Classification provides critical information about the present hazards of each chemical. These hazards can relate to both health and physical. The hazard classification can also inform employees of the possible mixtures of the chemical.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are created by manufacturers or importers of hazardous chemical that describes in detail the physical and chemical properties of the product. Some of these details may include identification, hazard information, accidental release, physical and chemical properties, toxicity, disposal, regulatory, etc. They are designed as a reference tool.

Labels are one of the most important standards to HazCom. Chemicals must be properly labeled. Labels can have written or graphical information that is on the container of the chemical. The information specifies the specific requirements or anything governing its usage. Many times, the labels include manufacturer information, product identifier, signal words, hazard statements, etc.

Information and Training must be given to every employee about the specific hazardous chemicals they are exposed to in the workplace. Also, whenever there are any new chemicals, they must be trained specifically for those new ones.

For more information and trainings, check out Hard Hat Training Series that has trainings specifically for HazCom. They offer more details about these standards. Taking their training will help prepare you and ensure better safety in your workplace.

Good luck and stay safe!