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How Much Can a D8 Push?

Most, if not every, construction site will have a bulldozer working there. Large amounts of dirt, sand, gravel, garbage, and other materials can be easily moved around the jobsite with these strong machines. A dozer can be equipped with additional blades, winches, and work tools to increase its adaptability and output.

Bulldozers are powerful vehicles that assist workers on a building site with digging, pushing, excavating, leveling, and pushing materials like soil and debris. The materials are moved by means of their big, powerful, and heavy front blades. Other attachments, such as the rippers on the back, help to break up the difficult terrain.

Where Are Caterpillar Bulldozers Made?

Caterpillar is a reputable and long-standing manufacturer of construction equipment. Along with manufacturing the actual machines, Caterpillar also produces the engines and turbines used in heavy construction and demolition equipment. Operating since 1925, CAT has a large collection of devices that could still be in use and need to be retired.

The Caterpillar company takes great pride in the fact that a majority of their equipment is manufactured in East Peoria, Illinois. To suit the demands of the international market, Caterpillar also produces medium dozers in Rayong, Thailand, and Piracicaba, Brazil.

D Series Dozers

Throughout WWII, the early D8 (8R series) was produced in large quantities and provided to the US military personnel. Up until 1941, when the 8R series took its place, just less than 10,000 units of the 1H series were produced.

Following the Second World War, Caterpillar released a new D8 model, the 2U series, with a number of improvements over its predecessors including 144 more horsepower at the flywheel. When the 225 horsepower model D8H was introduced in 1959, the D8 design underwent its next significant upgrade. The horsepower boost was achieved through turbocharging, and relatively early in the manufacturing run, Caterpillar further adjusted this to 235 horsepower.

The conventional drive D8 track-type tractor series’ final manufacturing model, the D8K, which debuted in 1974, saw yet another boost in engine horsepower, bringing it to 300. The D8K was available in direct drive (76V series) and powershift transmission (77V series) variations, both of which featured hydraulic system modifications and a completely rebuilt operator’s environment.

How Much Does a CAT D8 Bulldozer Weigh?

The D8 medium track tractor is designed and manufactured by Caterpillar. Though it is available in a variety of configurations, it is most commonly sold as a bulldozer with a detachable big blade and a rear ripper attachment. A D8 CAT bulldozer, depending on the model, year, and accessories, is about 80,000 lb (36,000 kg). With a width of 101 in (260 cm) and a height of 156 in (400 cm), this is no mini bulldozer.

How Much Will a D8 Move a Day?

While the answer will vary depending on whatever professional you consult, here are some statistics from CAT’s official product description.

Your productivity can rise by up to 18% with the CAT D8 dozer (formerly known as the D8T) without using additional fuel. In lighter applications,the D8 dozers use up to 11% less fuel. There are other elements to consider, such as the jobsite’s landscape and how soft the ground is. Fully automatic gearbox, increased power, and steering performance all work together to achieve a new level of productivity. Fewer passes are required when the blade capacity is greater.

For operators of various skill levels, a fully automatic 4-speed transmission and a selection of factory-integrated grade technologies make achieving maximum productivity and efficiency simpler.

Technologies for grading assist you in working more precisely for quicker outcomes and less rework. You can handle the toughest conditions at a cheaper overall cost with the help of blade and undercarriage alternatives. Other features of the D8 include:

How To Find the Year of a CAT Bulldozer

As a company that has been around for more than 80 years, it is no wonder that Caterpillar is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines, diesel and natural gas engines, and mining and construction equipment. But with such a wide range of equipment and capabilities, it can be difficult to find the year of the bulldozer, engine, or accessory that is in your fleet. Luckily, each Caterpillar product has a unique Product Identification Number (PIN) that can be used to identify it. Somewhere on the vehicle or piece of equipment is a plate with the PIN etched on it. The product’s identification code and the equipment’s serial number are both contained in the PIN.

To find the year of your machine or part, you need to do the following:

What Bulldozer Looks Like a Tractor?

A crawler is probably the most visually recognizable bulldozer class since it looks like a tractor. Crawler’s tracks give them more traction and keep them from sinking in softer terrain. A ripper is frequently mounted on the back of a crawler to enable it to tear up tougher surfaces. Larger crawlers often transport large amounts of material for use in mining operations and road construction sites. Smaller variants also function as grading tractors in less difficult earthmoving jobs.

What Are the Bulldozer Types?

There are several different bulldozer models available for a variety of jobsites. Dozers come in a variety of sizes to meet your power and handling requirements, such as:

Crawlers: Crawlers are motorized machines used for pushing materials such as soil, sand, snow, rock, or rubble during construction. Larger crawlers frequently move substantial quantities of material for usage in mines and construction sites.

Wheel Dozers: These dozers use wheels to move about the jobsite. Wheel dozers are bigger, faster and more maneuverable than their crawler counterparts, but they can be difficult to control when operating on softer ground.

Mini Dozers: Mini dozers are the perfect choice for working in limited spaces that are inaccessible to heavier, bulkier equipment. On job locations where flexibility and versatility are crucial, they are the best option.

Shiphold/Port Handling Dozers: These are a range of dozers that can enter and exit cargo holds on commercial ships and transport a range of bulk goods.

Mulchers: This particular model of a crawler dozer has a mulcher attachment for carrying out forestry, construction, and road work activities.

What Company Makes the Best Dozer?

Depending on the particular project, there are many bulldozers to choose from. When selecting the best bulldozer, a number of factors, like the type of terrain and the project you’re working on, must be taken into account. The efficacy, security, and safety of your work depend on the right machine. Another major factor to take into consideration is the manufacturer. While it largely comes down to personal preference, here are the top five bulldozer manufacturers in the world.


A global manufacturer of construction equipment, Shantui is based in the Chinese province of Shandong. For a very long period, Shantui was both China’s and the world’s most well-known brand of dozers. Over 10,000 crawler-type dozers were produced by Shantui. 24,600 units were produced globally over the same time frame. Caterpillar, its nearest rival, generated 6,400 units in the same year. With its integrated manufacturing, Shantui offers its clients higher quality products.

Shantui is more than just a dozer production line. It is a true manufacturing behemoth. Shantui is the leading manufacturer of the components utilized in its dozers. Additionally, it provides components to its rivals.

John Deere

John Deere Dozers dozers are acknowledged by the industry as one of the top brands. With working weights between 7 to 35 tons and a power range of 70 to 335 horsepower, they provide outstanding stability and control. Numerous John Deere dozers have automatic load detection, dynamic braking, and power management.


The leading producer of top-notch dozers has been Komatsu. Komatsu dozers have a power range of 43 to 1,150 horsepower and an operational weight of 4 to 150 tons. The dual function of Komatsu dozer increases productivity by reducing the need for labor-intensive machine changing. The improved tracks on the various versions increase the dozer’s center of gravity while enhancing the stability of various terrains.


Caterpillar is one of the top producers of mining and construction equipment. Large and small dozers from Caterpillar are designed for various working conditions. Dozers that have more than 310 horsepower are designed to resist the most difficult tasks. The smaller dozers, on the other hand, are created to increase speed, flexibility, mobility, and maneuverability. They can carry out activities like clearing, backfilling, and finishing work on the grade because they were created exclusively for residential construction.


LiuGong has created a reputable brand in the machinery industry. The most advanced wheel loader was first presented to China in 1958 by LiuGong. The company has since expanded to offer 19 different product lines. It has discovered that every difficulty, no matter how big or small, is a chance for it to develop and advance.

While all this information should be taken into account when building your fleet, always remember that the best bulldozer is the one that gets the job done safely. The best way of ensuring that your bulldozer driver can safely operate their equipment is through OSHA Aligned certification. At Hard Hat Training, our Dozer Training course is regulation aligned, and our online version fulfills the classroom training requirements. The training contains sections on anatomy, stability, safe operations, common hazards, and more. Our program will automatically keep track of the assigned course, course progress, exam results, and certification expiration dates.