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How to Prevent Human Trafficking in Your Neighborhood

How to Prevent Human Trafficking in Your Neighborhood

There is an estimated 25 million victims of human trafficking worldwide at any given time. Human trafficking refers to the act of exploiting people for forced labor or commercial sex. It is essentially modern-day slavery. Human trafficking is a problem across the world and in the United States. You may believe that human trafficking doesn’t exist where you’re from, but there were reports of trafficking in every state in the United States in 2019. There were 11,500 cases reported in the United States that year. Human trafficking is a real issue that can affect you personally if you’re not careful. Check out our human trafficking awareness training to learn more about it, how to prevent it, and how to respond when you notice the signs of trafficking. The following paragraphs will offer a few ways to prevent trafficking in your neighborhood.

Human trafficking awareness

Spreading public awareness of human trafficking is an essential step to prevent it. Get your community involved if they aren’t already. Attend community meetings about human trafficking in your area. Offer suggestions for events or legislation in public forums. If your community is aware of this danger and actively striving to prevent trafficking, then everyone in that community will be safer.

Teach children to look our for predators and potential traffickers

Teaching children to look out for predators and potential traffickers is also an important preventative measure. Remind children that they have the right to say “no” in situations where they are uncomfortable and that they shouldn’t go places without their parent’s knowledge and approval. Teach children about their bodies and the concept of boundaries. Let them know that if something happens to them it’s not their fault and you won’t be angry with them. Encourage children to talk with their parents or a trusted adult if they experience something that they are uncomfortable with.

Human Trafficking & Travel Safety

Be careful when you travel. Traffickers often target people in airports, markets, and hotels. They try to lure people away when they aren’t familiar with their surroundings. Be aware of your surroundings and others in these situations. Do not let anyone lead you away from your group, particularly if you don’t speak the same language. Raising awareness, getting your community involved, teaching children, and being careful when you travel will help protect you and those around you from human trafficking. If you notice any signs of human trafficking or have experienced trafficking, please call the national hotline for human trafficking: 1-888-373-7888. Check out our human trafficking awareness training to learn more about human trafficking, how to prevent it, and how to respond when you spot the signs of trafficking.