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In the News: Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Forklift Safety

In the News: Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Forklift Safety

Neglecting Forklift Safety

Tragedy struck in Pollington, East Yorkshire when on a Kelkay LTD worksite, Father-of-two Brian White was loading up pallets of gravel onto a truck. The driver suddenly drove the vehicle off mid-load and tipped over, killing Brian White almost instantly.

The HGV driver told the news reporters that Mr. White was in a hurry as he was coming to the end of his shift. He claimed that Brian told him to move forward. His coworker stopped him and told him that there was a something wrong. He got out of the truck and saw the forklift toppled over and the driver was crushed.

This accident’s main cause was a lack of communication between drivers, one not being careful enough to make sure that there were no dangerous circumstances before moving forward. When forklift safety is neglected, people get hurt.

Safety Requirements

Forklift overturns are the leading cause of forklift related deaths, representing about 25% of deaths involving forklifts. Case studies examined by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health indicate the factory equipment and actions of the operator can all contribute to the fatal accidents.

OSHA requires forklift safety. Trucks, trailers, or railroad cars have brakes to prevent them from moving while they are being loaded. The driver needs to be certified and aware as they operate the vehicle.

It is also important to have clear communication between workers. Make sure you are completely aware of your coworkers circumstances and safety. Remember, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep yourself and others safe. By looking out for each other, we can prevent serious accidents and tragedies before they have a chance to happen. To learn more about this topic, visit our website.