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New OSHA rules? Accident that could have been prevented? We write about it here. We have 15 years of experience, and want to share it with you.

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Chip Spreader

The chip spreader process originally began in 1815 by an engineer called John Loudon McAdam. This was done by laying sand and stones on the roadbed and spraying them with water. The water would cause the sand to bind the stones in place, creating stronger roads than before.

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Lawn Mower- What You Should Know

There are more injuries and deaths caused by lawn mowers than terrorist attacks each year. Most of these injuries and deaths are preventable with proper training and practice.

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Polluted Water & Erosion Prevention

Keeping our water clean is critical for our health and societies. When the water supply becomes polluted, governments and industries must take action to prevent pollutants from harming the environment.

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What is Process Safety Management?

The term PSM stands for Process Safety Management. Process Safety Management is a program used for preventing the release of highly hazardous chemicals.

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Yard Truck- Backing Up Safely

Yard trucks are semi-tractors that transport trailers a short distance throughout a yard or area. There are several names associated with them like yard spotters, yard jockeys, switcher trucks, terminal tractors, and yard mules. They revolutionized cargo handling. They are designed with safety measures to remove any unnecessary hazards. This reduces driver injuries, worker’s compensation […]

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In the News: Snowplows and Snow Dangers

A snowplow operator has died in an accident while shoveling his driveway. This death shows that operating a snowplow can be dangerous work. An Idaho man passed away tragically while cleaning his driveway. According to the authorities, the man was trying to clear snow using his snowplow. At some point in the operation, the snowplow […]

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Closing the Doors: OSHA and Business Shutdowns

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a powerful entity. They can carry out investigations, report companies for violations, and even give out citations. These abilities keep workers safe during their shifts. They also help promote good business practices. However, is there a limit to OSHA’s reach? What if a company continues to promote […]

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Bicycle Safety - How to Survive as a Bicyclist

Maintain Bike and Equipment Plan to always do a thorough inspection of your bike before riding. Adjust the seat to a comfortable height and lock it into place so it doesn’t move during the ride. Double check that all parts are securely in place and functioning properly. All tires should be inflated to the correct […]

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Getting to Know Asbestos, But Not Too Well

According to the CDC, Asbestos is a class of minerals that is commonly found from mining products all over the world. It isn’t common to mine today, but it does appear in old houses and buildings. That means that workers in construction, carpentry, and other building renovators are in danger of being affected by asbestos. […]

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Who Does HIPAA Apply To?

What is HIPAA? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) protects sensitive medical information of a patient or person from being disclosed. HIPAA also prevents healthcare providers and businesses from working with those who seek to sell out information. HIPAA is a federal law created by the US Department of Health and […]

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Operating a Garbage Truck Safely

Operating a garbage truck is very different from driving a car or truck. They are large, slow, and come with multiple attachments that few other vehicles include. The operator, therefore, must be familiar with his machine to reduce the likelihood of an accident. Drivers must also know what safety regulations are required before, during, and […]

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What Should You Know About Gas Detection?

In the last decades, gas detection has drastically improved and advanced. So, what do you need to know about gas detection? Well, gas detection is part of a safety system that uses sensors to detect the gases present in an area. The sole purpose of these detectors is to keep you safe in your home […]

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