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Medical Workplace Violence

March 23, 2022

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The data shows that healthcare workers experience workplace violence at a rate that is nearly 20% higher than all other workers. The rate of workplace violence is assumed to be even higher because it is often underreported. Violence against healthcare workers is so common that it is often considered the norm.  Workplace violence is often considered to be “just a part of the job.” The first step in changing the current culture is training. It can change expectations to “violence is a problem that should be managed.” This will greatly improve the overall safety of healthcare workers. 

Impacts of Medical Workplace Violence

When healthcare workers are exposed to violence of any form, bullying, harassment, discrimination, or physical assault, it puts an enormous burden on an already stressed workforce. Often, the patients pay the price by receiving lower quality of care. Healthcare workers suffer from physical and psychological trauma leading to absenteeism and job dissatisfaction. These issues cause high turnover rates and higher costs impacting healthcare facilities.

New Accreditation Requirements

The high incidence rate of workplace violence in the healthcare industry and its enormous impact has encouraged new hospital accreditation requirements. The new standards require hospitals to follow guidelines in developing a workplace violence prevention program. One aspect of the new requirements is ongoing education and training. Medical workplace violence training should focus on

  • Awareness of the types of workplace violence. This includes physical acts of violence, non-physical violence, and threats of violence.
  • De-escalation techniques and other violence interventions.
  • Preventing workplace violence with tools such as behavioral assessments.
  • Simple and straightforward reporting systems.  

Safety Provisions has created up to date training on workplace violence designed specifically for medical staff aimed at following the new standards and reducing the number of workplace violence incidents. It is a crucial step to a safe and healthy work environment!

Good luck and stay safe!