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New Bloodborne Pathogens Training!

March 3, 2022

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Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) are transmissible microorganisms that cause various dangerous diseases. HIV, AIDS, and other illnesses that cause serious health complications are transmitted through BBPs. BBPs are known for passing between hosts in the medical field, but they also frequently get passed around in other industries. The Hard Hat Training series is aware of the dangers that BBPs present to the workplace, which is why we have a new, upcoming bloodborne pathogens training program to inform and protect workers from the harmful effects of disease.

New bloodborne pathogens training announcement post

This new training program includes details about the diseases and how they pass between hosts. There are multiple ways BBPs can move around. The most well-known method is via blood-to-blood contact, but BBPs can also pass from one's blood to a mucus membrane like the eyes, or they can be ingested accidentally. The training program also covers where BBPs are present in the workplace.

The most important inclusions of the bloodborne pathogens training program are the prevention methods. There are multiple methods for preventing an exposure incident, including proper disposal methods, workplace regulations, protective clothing, or eliminating the hazard altogether. All of these preventative measures are covered in the exposure control plan (ECP). An ECP should include all of the safety procedures and regulations unique to your industry. The ECP should be kept and maintained by the employer, along with other important documents like medical records.

While on the topic of recordkeeping, know that it is an important step for any potential exposure incident to record the event. The employer must account for any incident where an injury occurs and follow the post-exposure procedures detailed in the ECP. The employees must also receive medical attention for whatever injury transpired, regardless of how minor it may have been.

We here at Safety Provisions are committed to keeping workers safe, no matter what industry they may be in. The Hard Hat training series has dozens of other training programs, kits, and articles on workplace safety to meet the needs of your business.

Good luck and stay safe!