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PEC Safeland Training

We now offer PEC Basic Orientation and H2S Clear Training to the American workforce. These PEC training courses help protect those working in the oil and gas industry and to make sure they are able to return home after each shift. This PEC Basic Orientation course is accredited by both SafeLandUSA and SafeGulf to be able to work on inland or offshore oil and gas operations. This is a great course to bring awareness to the hazards associated with oil and gas work to everyone from the new hire to those with 40+ years’ experience in the field. The H2S Clear (PEC H2S Training) course brings awareness to and helps workers to know what to do if exposed to hydrogen sulfide (H2S). This PEC safety training course should be taken annually and will help those who take it to be able to identify the physical and chemical properties, sources, symptoms, and hazards of H2S.
What is PEC Training? The PEC mission is to help bring workers home safe from high hazard jobs. They do this by helping companies comply with their safety and compliance mandates. PEC is dedicated to reducing risk and improving safety for hiring clients and contractors. PEC creates proprietary and accredited learning programs that are licensed to an authorized network of instructors who deliver them to workers in high hazard jobs. That same learning program is exactly what our PEC authorized trainer will deliver to your workers at your onsite PEC training.

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