Aerial / Scissor Lift Training – Spanish & English


Aerial lift training kit in Spanish: OSHA compliant. Reusable. Customizable.

* This kit includes the entire kit in English AND the main training materials translated in Spanish (presentation, exams, manuals, etc.)

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Aerial Lift / Scissor Lift Training – Spanish & English

What is included?

• Main PowerPoint Presentation
• Instructor notes
• Student Manual
• Written Test / Answer Key
• Practical Evaluation Forms
• Certificate of completion template
• Wallet card template
• Pre shift inspection booklet
• Damage report sheet
• Refresher training forms
• Printable safety posters
• OSHA standards & regulations
• Accident examples & explanations
• Video News Clips

*The English/Spanish combo includes the following in Spanish: main presentation, student manual, exams/answer keys, poster files, plus additional training helps.

The Hard Hat Training Aerial Lift / Scissor Lift Safety CD Training Kit lets you train your entire workforce on scissor lift and/or boom lift safety in two to three hours! This quick, detailed, OSHA compliant aerial lift certification kit is ready to use immediately. The Hard Hat Training series provides an affordable long-term solution to your training needs.

We”ve compiled years of knowledge into this scissor lift and aerial lift training program, it is packed with the latest OSHA requirements, aerial/scissor lift safety regulations, and hazards that come with operating a self-propelled aerial lift. Check out a sample of the PowerPoint included with this scissor lift kit by clicking on the tab above. We”ve done extra work to make this kit robust and informative, making your workforce safer and more efficient in their operations. Order now and you can get your equipment operators certified quickly.

If you have tried to present aerial lift training courses before, you know the time and expertise required to prepare. Hiring out is one option, but it can be expensive or inconvenient to do every time you need people trained. This Hard Hat Aerial Lift / Scissor Lift Safety Training CD will save you weeks (or months) of preparation by giving you instant access to all the information you need to train.

Not quite what you need? We also offer an online aerial lift course that can help individuals certify today.

Aerial Lift/Scissor Lift Training Kit Features:

Our aerial lift and scissor lift training program is fully OSHA compliant and has been trusted by hundreds of companies around the world to provide comprehensive training. Here are a few of the things you can expect from our Hard Hat Training aerial lift/scissor lift training program:

• Unlimited Use (and Re-use): Your aerial lift safety training kit (and all printable course materials) can be used again and again for no extra cost!

• Personal Branding: You are now the authority with aerial lift certification CDs that you can brand personally.

• Complete Customizability: Need to edit information for your specific industry or equipment? You have total freedom to customize these training kits. Remove what you don”t need, or add what you do.

• Professional Grade: You”ll receive the exact same training program we use for our own on-site trainings. Use what the pros use.

• Industry-leading Value: This aerial lift training course is the most thorough you can find; don”t settle for inferior programs.

Accessibility: Your aerial lift / scissor lift course materials can be downloaded for immediate use (save them on your computer or flash drive, or burn them to a CD).

• Up-to-Date Information: All of our aerial/scissor lift safety training kits are updated to reflect the latest industry regulations.

• Total Convenience: All of our Hard Hat Trainings are straightforward, easy to present, and easy to understand.


What is included with each CD kit?
Each CD kit differs slightly, but generally speaking they each contain all of the materials we use when we go on-site and offer training. More specifically, these materials consist of but are not limited to: a main PowerPoint presentation including instructor notes, student manual files, regulations, written and practical exams and answer keys, pre-shift inspection booklets, classroom forms for proper recording, safe operation posters, and wall and wallet certificate templates just to name a few. To get an even clearer idea of the contents of each kit, look at the samples included below each kit’s image.
Are these kits OSHA-compliant?
Yes, all of our Hard Hat Training kits were built and continue to be updated by our trainers and inspectors using OSHA and ANSI guidelines.
Are the kits up-to-date with OSHA standards?
Yes, all of our Hard Hat Training Kits are up-to-date with the latest OSHA standards. If standards do change in the future, as they most certainly will, it will be your responsibility to update your existing kit. Or, if the changes are substantial, we’d be happy to offer a discount for previous customers who simply want to re-purchase the kit.

Can I customize the training materials?
Yes, these training kits are completely customizable. Once purchased, they are yours to use as needed. Add or take away slides or test questions. Change the colors and layout. You can even swap out our logo for yours.
Can I reuse the materials on the training CD?
Yes, we recognize many of our competitors charge for additional student manuals or exams. We felt it important, though, that you have what you need and when you need it. For this reason, once you purchase the kit, the files on the CD are yours to use for as long as you have the kit. Use the training presentation and print out the student manuals, exams, and other files as often as needed.
Can I post the presentation or other materials online?
Yes, but only with a special broadcast license and for the purpose of training employees scattered across various locations. Without this additional license, though, purchased kits are only to be used in-house in a physical classroom setting. If you are in need of training multiple employees located in various branches, you might consider using our online training classes as an easy and cost-effective way to train them all. Or if you are still interested in licensing the course for broadcast use, contact us for a quote.
Can I share the CD with or make copies for another branch or trainer?
No, our end user license agreement, which automatically goes into effect upon the purchase of any kit, prohibits in any form the sharing or reproduction of the kit or any of its components. Per this same agreement, we require one CD per trainer or training location. For example, if you are a trainer employed to travel from location to location, there is no need to purchase additional kits for those locations at which you will train. Likewise, if your company buys the CD kit to be used exclusively at a certain training location (let’s say your home office or on a specific vessel), then as long as the kit stays there for training purposes then multiple in-house trainers can use it.

If, however, you buy it to train at your home office and then want to make a copy or send the files or any parts of them to a trainer at a different location, this would be in breach of the agreement and additional kits would need to be purchased.

Having said that, we realize that every situation varies slightly. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. In the event you do need to purchase additional kits, we would be happy to offer tiered pricing to make it more cost-effective.
If I download the kit can I burn it to a disc or save it on a flash drive?
Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to keep a copy on the computer you will use for training and burn a copy to a CD for back-up purposes. Remember, though, that per the end user license agreement, these files cannot be shared or reproduced in any form without express written consent from Safety Provisions, Inc.[/accordion]

What computer requirements are needed to use the training kit?

In order to be accessible for as many people as possible, we have tried to create these materials using the most common practices. The materials consist of PowerPoint files, Word documents, Excel files, and PDF files. On some kits there are video clips as well. So, to use the kits, you will simply need software that can display or play these files. If you do not have the ability to read PDF files, each kit includes the .exe file through which you can install Adobe Acrobat Reader—or simply search for it on the internet and download free of charge. If you do not have Microsoft Office, you can go to and download their free productivity suite; this suite will allow you to open, edit and save Office documents.
How can I customize the training kits?
Because the training materials are created in editable documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), customization is as easy as highlighting the area of desired change and deleting, re-wording, or adding content. In terms of the main presentation and any other files using PowerPoint, in some instances we have employed the use of Master Slides. This makes making changes to the presentation—like swapping out your logo for ours—easy. Just go to the master slide for the project, make the change there, and then exit the master slide. Your changes will instantly take effect on the designated slides.
Are you looking for resellers? And will you drop-ship?
We are always looking for competent resellers and, yes, there is a drop-shipping option. Click here to contact us regarding resale opportunities.

Sample Presentation

Click the link below:

Aerial lift / Scissor lift training sample


Our OSHA training kits and materials are used by hundreds of companies around the world, our Hard Hat Training aerial/scissor lift certification materials give you everything you need and are completely OSHA compliant.

We’ve spent years fine tuning this aerial/scissor lift certification program to make sure it contains the latest OSHA requirements, safety regulations, and hazards that come with operating aerial and scissor lifts. You can get all that information by purchasing our skid steer safety program today. We make prepping for your next safety class easy and save you time.

World Compliance

Our Hard Hat Training Series training kits are used all over the world–Canada, South America, Europe, Africa, and more…

They are completely customizable, you can add, edit or remove anything in the training program to make it fit any safety standards in your country, region or company. It only takes minutes to get the training materials ready to use.