Blank Official Wallet Cards


Leave no doubt as to the authenticity of your OSHA-compliant operator training. Let us send you our official, professionally-printed Hard Hat Training Series operator certification cards, attested by us. You simply fill in the names of your trainees, the date of training, and then have them sign the back. These cards are intended to be purchased by companies  that are using our training kits or online courses to train their crew.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The image for this product is a sample. 

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Get your official wallet card!

What’s in your wallet? Time, weather, and the daily grind can quickly ruin or diminish the quality of your heavy equipment operator qualification card. So leave no doubt as to the quality of your operator certification and have us mail you our official Hard Hat Training Series wallet card. Professionally designed and printed, they are sure to hold up much longer than the self-printed copy in your wallet now.

These blank wallet cards are for those that simply need cards to document training they did on their own with their own materials or with a third party other than Hard Hat Training.

Custom Orders

We are happy to customize these cards to suit your specific needs including your own company’s logo, other types of equipment, and more! Contact us for custom printing today!