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Our overhead crane pendant warning tags are made from a thick flexible plastic that won’t break easily. This tag comes in English on one side, Spanish on the other. Size: approximately 9″ x 2.75″ and the thickness of a penny.

ANSI B30.16 Safety Code for hoists, and hoist manufacturers instructions.

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Pendant warning tags for pendant controls on overhead cranes and hoists. This overhead crane tag comes in English on one side and Spanish on the other.

ANSI B30.16 Safety Code for hoists, and hoist manufacturers instructions.

Overhead cranes and chain hoists are a common site across virtually every industry–construction, maritime, manufacturing, automotive, grocery, aerospace and municipalities, and more. Whether you operate a traveling bridge crane, a monorail crane, a floor mounted jib, a wall mounted jib, a gantry crane, or a mobile gantry crane, like a Gorbel crane, there are standards you have to abide by.

Specific to this product, all overhead cranes have pendant controls and OSHA and ANSI regulations require that these overhead pendant controls have a warning tag attached to the pendant line. Even if you use a remote control to move the bridge crane, if you have pendant controls dangling there, you need to have this warning tag fixed to the line. In these cases, you should also have one affixed to the overhead crane remote control.

There are a lot of overhead hoist warning tags on the market and you, of course, are free to choose what works best for you and fits within your budget. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what the warning tags are made of, if you have them on the pendant control, you are in compliance.

But there are a couple things to note about our pendant warning tags for overhead crane pendant controls that we think make a big difference:

  1. A lot of bridge crane warning tags on the market are paper thin and prone to tearing. Ours are made of a very strong but flexible vinyl/plastic. They are roughly about the thickness of a penny, so they will last a long time.
  2. The overhead crane warning verbiage required by ANSI and OSHA is in English on one side and Spanish on the other. This way, if you have anyone overhead crane operators who speak Spanish, there is no chance of them not understanding these important warnings.
  3. We try to keep the price as competitive as possible. But we realize everyone has different budgets. So if you need and want the tags we offer, but you have a budget to stick to, let us know. Whether its these warning tags or our overhead crane training kits, our overhead crane training online courses, or our other training tools, we want you to get what you need at a price you can afford.