General Safety Poster – Building America


Help to build America by properly training your workers. Promote it with this eye-catching poster. So get your unique 12×18 poster today! 

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Just like everything, America started out as nothing but dirt. Dirt that would be excavated, molded, and worked into a great nation. The men and women who built America’s foundation erected it on principles of faith, loyalty, integrity, and hard work; principles that continue to build this country today. Not only are good values required for this task, but also calloused hands, blistered feet, and a sweat-filled brow. Building America is not an easy task, but together we can step up to the challenge.

The hard-working men and women of America put forth a full effort to, like our founding fathers, excavate America’s dirt and create something beautiful. Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper safety equipment and training, many of these workers fall victim to serious injury or death. Safety Provisions Inc. is dedicated to enabling every worker’s right to safety. In a safe work environment, contractors, heavy equipment operators, and laborers can successfully build America into something worth working for.

Join the safety revolution and build America.


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