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Reduce Accidents Daily. Our skid steer posters are designed to catch the eye, increase retention and improve safety. That’s our hope anyway. So get your unique 12×18 poster today!

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If you’re a child of the 70s or 80s, there’s a good chance you are familiar with the movie  RAD. “A hometown kid on his BMX against the rest of the world.” And isn’t that how we felt, roaming the neighborhood without helmets, wild and free on our BMX or Huffy bikes. It was a great time and we were invincible. Or so we thought.

Funny thing is, some of us still think that way. In fact, there is one piece of equipment more than any other that seems to bring out that boy within us all: the skid steer loader. It’s a versatile machine that, quite frankly, is a lot of fun to drive. “Drive” being the keyword here because it has been said that anybody can drive a skid steer, but few know how to operate one. Why? Because operating is all about safety. Too often we see skid steer drivers flying by on their loaders without a care in the world. The only thing missing the baseball card in the pokes. Other than that, we’ve seen them raced and we’ve seen all sorts of stunts and pop-a-wheelies performed on them.

That was the genesis for this skid steer poster: R.A.D. In this case though, the term does not mean “radical,” that phrase we so freely used to show our excitement for something. Rather, it is an acronym we made up to remind us that as fun as skid steers are to drive, operators first priority is safety: Reducing Accidents Daily. That’s the goal, that’s the hope. And we hope you will take the skid steer poster and place it where workers can see it, laugh at it, reminisce over it, and let its important safety message sink in.


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