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Where Should I Be When Walking or Working Close to a Bulldozer?

As an employee, when you are walking or working close to any heavy equipment, you must remember to pay close attention to the machine. A bulldozer has many blindspots, so always assume the operator cannot see you. Stay out of the way at all times. If you have to approach the machine, make eye contact with and alert the operator before approaching, ensuring that they can see you.

Other Heavy Equipment Safety Principles

Construction workers are often exposed to heavy machinery, and they may become accustomed to its presence without giving any thought to the risks. Taking some time to understand and follow safety rules, as well as staying alert while on the job, can help construction workers stay safe. Some common safety principles to keep in mind and follow are:

What To Do When Operating Heavy Equipment

Safe Parking

Using the parking brake on a dozer ensures that the machine does not move or roll without being controlled. This is especially critical if the machine is in neutral.

When exiting the cab of a dozer, take the time to fully turn off the equipment and to verify that the machine is stable and will not move.

Operating Bulldozers on Uneven Terrain

Drive up and down a slope with the tracks vertical, and keep the equipment’s center of gravity in mind. On icy ground or loose gravel, bulldozers are not as safe to use. When operating a bulldozer or any other type of heavy equipment, always wear a seat belt.

Always Check for Workers

Always be aware of your surroundings and look for blind spots before operating heavy equipment. Use spotters and take advantage of hand signals to achieve the best visibility possible.

For Everyone’s Safety, Keep Up With Maintenance

Preservation is essential for every vehicle or piece of machinery. In order to preserve a machine’s durability, inspect the track and take care of the undercarriage.

Perform daily inspections and take updated images of equipment in case of an accident.

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