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Does OSHA Require a Health and Safety Plan?

OSHA does not require employers to implement a health and safety program, but they do highly recommend it. It is the easiest way for employers to train their employees on specific hazards in the workplace and how to handle working with or around them. Health and safety plans are a complete written document that outlines hazards and prepares their employees for the daily tasks they will be expected to perform.

The General Duty Clause of the OSH Act of 1970 requires employers to provide their employees with a work environment free from hazards that can cause death or harm. Every employer is under this obligation to make their employees’ work environment as safe as possible. A health and safety program is an effective method for helping employers to do so. OSHA provides guidelines to help employers get started when making one.

How Are Construction Site Safety Plans Different from Other Workplace Safety Plans?

Most workplaces have similar concerns as far as health and safety plans. Warehouses and factories, for example, will both deal with ergonomic concerns and fire hazards. Their use of personal protective equipment will be more comprehensive than office work. Construction sites, however, are vastly different from these and most workplaces because they require much more training and hazard control measures.

Construction projects are also very different from one another and require specific training for each site. This is why site safety plans are so different from general health and safety plans at most workplaces. They address specific hazards at each site and information on how to contact the contractor or staffing agency for reporting injury or illness.

Do Contractors Need to Develop a Health and Safety Program?

The contractor’s number one priority needs to be safety. They have many responsibilities in their line of work and need to provide labor, equipment, materials, and services necessary for the projects their clients hire them for.

Like all other employers, there is no requirement stating that they need to create a health and safety plan. However, like employers, OSHA does require contractors to train their employees and prepare them for working with specific hazards on each site. Some clients and states may require them to provide a health and safety program regardless of OSHA Requirements.

Do Independent Contractors Need a Health and Safety Plan?

Independent contractors work as self-employed individuals so they are not required to follow OSHA Requirements. This means that they do not need a health and safety plan unless they work for an official company that needs to follow OSHA Requirements. In these cases, they will need to have a contractor site safety program.

What are the Benefits of a Health and Safety Program?

Health and safety programs are beneficial for many reasons. Even if they are not required they encompass many policies regarding worker rights and help contractors stay aligned with OSHA Requirements. Health and safety programs are beneficial because they:

What is a Contractor Site Safety Program?

The company who hires a contractor provides them with a contractor safety site program. The program is meant to protect the company, contractor employees, and equipment. Because contractors are not employed directly by the company, the company needs their own program in place for the contractor before they conduct a job.

Like health and safety programs, site safety programs are not required by OSHA. However, some clients and states may, and usually do, require contractors to provide a site safety program or plan.

Is a Site Safety Plan the Same as a Site Safety Program?

A site safety plan is not the same as a site safety program. A site safety program is made by the company for the contractor to generally address the hazards, policies, and insurance for employees and equipment. A site safety plan is a more specific written document made by the contractor for the site where the job is. It is more comprehensive than the program is and outlines how the contractor will manage workplace hazards and fulfill safety requirements for the job.

What Should a Site Safety Plan Look Like?

To give an idea of what a site safety plan should look like, it is recommended to find a sample or template and base it off of that. For the most part, a site safety plan should include the same elements as any safety and health program. There will be certain parts that are exclusive to construction sites though. Some of these specific elements that should be added to a site safety plan specifically are:

The plan needs to be written and communicated with all employees prior to commencement of the project.

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