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Farm Equipment Incident in Idaho

Farm Equipment Incident in Idaho

When it comes to heavy machinery, accidents occur every day. These can occur in construction, but can even happen with farm equipment. This incident happened to an Idaho resident while working on some farming equipment. Jose Tapia, 40, was working on a large hay baler when it fell from the jack and landed on top of him, pinned him to the ground, and killed him. There is not a lot of information as to what made the equipment fall from the jack, but the presumption was that while he was near the rear axle, the jack slipped and caused the baler to shift and fall onto him.

Although there is not a lot of information available to determine the exact cause that led to the fall of the equipment, there should have been practices put into place to prevent the incident from occurring. Training is an essential part of keeping you and others safe. When these efforts ignored, risks can happen to even the most seasoned of workers.

Bad habits are easily passed from one worker and one site to another, all in the name of “experience.” Can you think of a particular time—in or outside of construction—where you did something a certain way for years only to discover that you had been doing it wrong the whole time? In this case, as in all cases, in our experience, training will only help. It can reinforce and enhance the good experience while addressing and correcting the bad habits from misguided experience.

Many heavy equipment can pose a threat, and it’s best to be trained to ensure that you are able to go home safely and be with your loved ones. Farm equipment is no different. These items are just as dangerous as construction equipment, and farmers should also be trained properly to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them

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