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Resellers and Private Storefront Affiliates

Private Storefront Affiliates

Are you a passionate and skilled marketer looking to run an online business? Our white-labeled storefront program is tailor-made for you. As a Storefront Affiliate, you get your own custom storefront accessible directly from your website. With annual revenue commitments, there’s potential for substantial earnings. You’ll also find a tiered commission structure allowing limitless success.

➤ Requirements:

  • Contract required, one-time setup fee
  • Must have an existing website and marketing and/or business experience
  • Must have access to niche market as there is no pay-per-click marketing
  • Annual license threshold (this is a required minimum revenue over 12 months)
  • Subject to Annual License fee if minimum annual license threshold is not met

➤ Benefits:

  • High-profit potential, with commissions tied to your monthly gross revenue.
  • Joining forces with Hard Hat Training, a globally trusted brand across diverse industries.
  • Partnering with 360training, the industry leader in online training, boasting over 11 million satisfied customers, cutting-edge training platforms, and a dependable sales system.
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Have a niche of customers needing workplace safety training? Becoming a Hard Hat Training product reseller not only provides valuable training but also a lucrative opportunity. Our Reseller program is designed for those looking to sell our courses to businesses, offering flexible billing options and LMS integrations. This option is structured as monthly billing in arrears and can include integrations with 3rd party Learning Management Systems (LMS) through AICC, xAPI, or Simple SSO. Licensed courses will always include a wholesale cost per online course sold which is due to 360training. Highlight Hard Hat Training in your business marketing, with no restrictions on the number of courses you can sell! The potential for growth through reselling is entirely in your hands!

➤ Requirements:

  • Contract required, one-time setup fee
  • Must have an LMS license through Hard Hat Training | 360training
  • Annual License threshold (this is a required minimum revenue over 12 months)
  • Subject to Annual License fee if minimum annual threshold is not met
  • Dollar commitment per year in gross sales required

➤ Benefits:

Hard Hat Training is a leader in worksite safety training and serves small and large businesses all across the globe–from the U.S. to Canada to Mexico, Africa, the United Arab Emirates and beyond!

  • Simple to start selling with an existing line of over 200 OSHA-aligned courses.
  • This product category aligns very well with many industries such as insurance, bartending instruction, and security.
  • Unlimited sales potential, tremendous brand recognition and exceptional loyalty with Hard Hat Training products.
  • Recurring revenue stream. Customers always come back!
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