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Workplace Safety Videos

Other Training Options

Not exactly what you are looking for? Consider our DIY training kits that contain all materials necessary to train employees and get them certified or online OSHA certification courses.

Why Hard Hat Training Videos?

Our workplace safety videos make safety training fast and easy. Safety training videos that are thorough and effective are extremely hard to find. With that in mind, we built ours to be the best safety videos on the market today. These safety training videos for employees are meant to be purchased by the company or a trainer and used to train employees or crew members who require OSHA certification. We offer industrial safety videos, construction safety videos, as well as general safety videos.


It can be challenging to find training videos that are in-depth, engaging, and easy to follow. Hard Hat Company is proud to offer videos that meet all of this criteria. Listed below are some of the benefits of our training videos:

  • Fast and thorough safety training
  • Available via download and/or hardcopy DVD
  • Fully-aligned with OSHA Requirements

Included with the Video

Hard Hat Training’s safety training videos are the best deal to be found. Along with informative training videos, you will receive a written exam and a piratical checklist—to better gauge employees safety knowledge.

  • Written exam (& answer key)
  • Practical checklist