Revised 02/13/2017

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Privacy, Security Overview

Like most websites, we collect non-identifiable information upon visits, such as cookies, ip address, time of visit, etc. Other than that, we only collect information you provide during the process of purchasing products. We do not keep credit cards on file, nor do we or will we sell or give the information you provide to 3rd parties. We may, on occasion, use it to send emails regarding new products, from which you can opt out. Regarding security, we are a secure site and we do not capture or maintain credit card information.

Returns, Sales

Due to the digital nature of our training kits and online courses, we cannot unfortunately accept returns. All sales are final upon fulfillment. As it relates to online courses when purchased via purchase order and invoice. Sales become final upon invoicing (eg, a customer contact us and asks us to invoice them for x-amount of online course credits; we then, in turn, add those credits to their account and invoice them: this constitutes a fulfillment of goods and the sale is final whether those credits are used up or not.)

Training Kit License Agreement

1.Safety Provisions, Inc, home of the Hard Hat Training Series®, requires 1 Kit per: 1.training location 2.Or “traveling trainer”

For example, if you or multiple trainers train all of your crew in one office you only need one kit. Or if one trainer travels to multiple locations, you only need one kit. But if you have multiple branches with their own trainers or if you have multiple trainers that you send out to other branches, additional kits would be required. If additional kits are needed for other branches or trainers, discounts are available, depending on the number of copies needed. The same goes for companies that want to buy one kit and post it online to be broadcast or made available to other branches; additional copies or licenses are required.

  1. Kits cannot be passed along from trainer to trainer, site to site, etc.
  2. No parts of this Kit may be reproduced or re-purposed in any form, electronically or mechanically.
  3. No part of this Kit or the content therein may be posted online or in a network folder for other branches to use unless permission has been granted by Safety Provisions, Inc. If you are interested in customizing a kit to broadcast to multiple locations, a broadcast license is needed.
  4. You are allowed to print out the materials for use within the classroom, (i.e. training manual, student workbook, exams, answer keys, etc). At no time, however, are you allowed to print the materials for resale.
  5. You do have permission to modify the training program for your specific needs, however the Kit may not be resold or re-purposed under the name of Safety Provisions or any other company name unless permission and licenses are granted by Safety Provisions, Inc. If you wish to resell, a distributor agreement must be entered into by both parties.
  6. Your purchase and use of this product signifies your willingness to comply with this agreement in all its facets.

As a small business, we truly appreciate your support and honesty in this matter. Contact Safety Provisions, Inc. with questions or for permissions.



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