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Three Training Options

online construction safety training

Online Training

Our online trainings are great for those who want to learn at their own pace and on their own time. Employers can assign employees specific trainings and keep track of their progress and exam scores.

Additionally, we offer options to complement any business strategy. This includes group trainings, company accounts, and even bulk discounts for businesses.

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DIY Presentation Kit

Our training kits offer a full training experience alongside a comprehensive toolset for further learning. These kits are the perfect resource for those who want the freedom of training employees themselves.

Unlike traditional trainings that are taken once, the kit offers a complete initial training as well as activities and materials to train employees long after they’ve been certified.

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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer courses allow employers to take full control of the training process. Employees who take these courses are fully certified to use the training kit and train others. Employees who complete these courses are certified for life and can train others confidently with a well-tested learning model.

In addition to the course, we will also include the training kit at no additional cost.


The Option that Best Fits Your Needs

Online Training DIY Presentation Kit Train the Trainer
24/7 Online Access

Our online courses can be accessed at any time and anywhere.

Your trainer will be certified using an online training course.

Downloadable, Offline Training Presentations

Our DIY kit comes with a downloadable PowerPoint (ppt) presentation.

The trainer will receive a downloadable PowerPoint presentation to train others with.

Train an Unlimited Amount of Employees
Train Large Groups of People at One Time

For online trainings, we offer a group training option. Learn more

Certify a Trainer to Train Other Employees
Perform the Training Yourself

Online Trainings for Businesses

Hiring a trainer to come on-site can be expensive. In contrast, our online curriculum lowers costs while still providing a professional training experience. Our online training option provides a quick, simple, and effective way to get yourself or your employee’s certification.

Don’t settle for courses that promise certification but are only 15 minutes long. Those types of courses often come up short when your company is audited. Our training approach gives an interactive experience. Learners can retain the information and apply it on the job site.

Company Accounts

Businesses may set up a branch on our Learning Management System (LMS), which will give you access to our online courses (operator, trainer, English, Spanish). A representative from your company will act as a Branch Manager and can create users and assign courses.

Our LMS makes it easy to manage multiple learners at the same time. As a Branch Manager, you will have access to their certificates, observation guides, and other documents for your records.

Group Trainings for Businesses

We also allow for our online courses to be taken in a group setting. Very simply, you let us know the names of the trainees, we set it up for you in a matter of minutes, then send you the login information. Everyone can go through the course at the same time. We also send you the exam to be administered. Once passed, we generate the certificates and wallet cards for all attendees. If you’d like more information, check out our article 4 Basic Elements of an Effective Safety Health Program

Bulk Discounts for Online Training

We are happy to offer discounts for companies that have a large number of employees to train. You can also pre-purchase course credits (“seats” in a virtual classroom) at a discount. The credits do not expire, so you can simply assign any employee to a “seat” in any course until those credits are used up (see below; if more credits are desired, a custom quote can be created).

Our tiered pricing schedule is as follows:

Number of Seats Discount Rate
25+ seats 10% off
50+ seats 20% off
100+ seats 40% off
250+ seats 55% off
500+ seats 65% off
1000+ seats 75% off

Request a Company Account

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If you do not see a success message upon sending your request please call us at: (888) 438-8477.

DIY Kits for Businesses

Our DIY training kits are a great option if you are looking for a cost-effective and convenient way to train your employees or customers. They contain all the files we use when we go on-site to train operators and trainers and provide simple instructions with all the tools necessary to train and certify your Employees for OSHA alignment. This includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • The main PowerPoint presentation
  • A quick-reference guide
  • Pertinent standards and regulations
  • Written exams with answer keys
  • Practical evaluation checklist
  • Pre-shift inspection booklets
  • Classroom forms for proper recordkeeping
  • Safe operation posters
  • Full-sized certificates and wallet card templates

Our kits are completely customizable, so you can change them to meet your company’s needs. In fact, we encourage you to make it your own. You may also use the training presentation and printed materials as often as needed, for as long as you own the kit.

DIY kits are available on CD, USB Drive, or via instant download.

Bulk Discounts for DIY Kits

We are happy to offer a discount for companies that require multiple training kits. Our tiered pricing schedule for DIY kits is as follows:

Number of DIY Kits Discounted Price for DIY Kits
1-2 Kits $425 per Kit
3-4 Kits $415 per Kit
5-6 Kits $400 per Kit
7-8 Kits $385 per Kit
9-10 Kits $370 per Kit
11-12 Kits $355 per Kit
13+ Kits $325 per Kit

Train the Trainer for Businesses

Online Trainer Training is ideal for companies with employees who have experience with the subject matter but simply need or want a third-party trainer certificate. In a nutshell, the trainer will take the online training course to become more familiar with the equipment and learn how to teach the required topics.

Once a trainer has completed the course and passed the exam, they will have immediate electronic access to their test, a full-sized certificate, and a checklist employers can use for the practical hand-on portion of the training. Simply print the certificate off for recordkeeping needs. You also get access to our training kit, which gives them everything they need to put training classes on as often as needed. These materials are reusable and customizable.

Bulk Discounts for Train the Trainer

For our TTT courses (eLearning course plus a kit) and kits, the discounts are as follows:

Number of TTT Kits Discounted Price for TTT Kits
1-2 TTT Courses $700 per Kit
3-4 TTT Courses $690 per Kit
5-6 TTT Courses $675 per Kit
7-8 TTT Courses $660 per Kit
9-10 TTT Courses $645 per Kit
11-12 TTT Courses $630 per Kit
13+ TTT Courses $600 per Kit