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Here at Hard Hat Training we offer many different types of safety training. We offer many different learning formats as well as many different safety topics. To make safety training easier for our customers, we also offer safety trainings that are standard-specific. This means that we offer trainings that are the same, topic-wise, but varies depending on the safety standards.

For instance, we have a three different backhoe loader safety trainings. We have one that complies with OSHA Requirements, we have one that complies with Cal/OSHA Requirements, and we have one that complies with CCOHS standards.

In this article we will be focusing solely on our Canada safety training courses. We will discuss what standards we comply with, as well as how many Canada training courses we offer.

Are Our Courses CCOHS-aligned?

As stated earlier, all of our safety courses comply with the associated safety standards. Therefore, all of our Canada safety training courses comply with the safety guidelines laid out by Canada’s safety and health organization, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS).

Our course developers work hard to ensure your employees receive the safety information they need. Because of this, all of our courses are updated whenever a change is made to the associated safety regulations.

All of our Canada safety courses only provide the student with necessary information, nothing less and nothing more. Our courses are also fully-narrated and it will correspond with the information on the current slide. This helps the learning employee to better retain the information.

How Many Canada Safety Courses Do We Offer?

Here at Hard Hat Training, we have over 150 different Canada-specific safety training courses in our course catalog. The topics we offer vary anywhere fromLadder Safety Training, to Water Truck Safety Training, and even Infectious Diseases Safety Training. All of which are trainings that comply with CCOHS safety guidelines.

The Importance of Safety Training

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety Act was passed by the Canadian Parliament in 1978 to promote Canadians’ fundamental right to a healthy and safe working environment.

Safety training aims to ensure that federal employers comply with health and safety standards. Through employer and employee collaboration, it can contribute to the protection of workers’ health and safety in high-risk industries. By receiving safety training, employees will have a greater understanding of how to identify and eliminate hazards in the workplace. 

What is COR?

The Partners Program, also known as the Certificate of Recognition (COR), is a voluntary employer certification program designed to encourage employers to take a proactive role in occupational health and safety. The COR program recognizes and rewards employers who go above and beyond current legal requirements by implementing an effective occupational health and safety management system and passing a certification audit to the Board’s standards.

The Benefits to Online Training

There are many different benefits that come with online safety training. Employers used to have to gather up all their employees at a convenient time and stuff them all in a classroom to receive long informational lectures. Online safety training has changed the safety training process for the better. While employers are still responsible for providing their employees with safety training, they can forego the classroom hassle and simply purchase an online course.

Employees also receive many benefits when they choose online training. Employees will be able to take the course when they are available. This is great for employees who have strict work schedules. They will be able to study and learn at their own pace, providing maximum room for their learning abilities.

What is Our Top-Selling Canada Safety Training?

We have ten top-selling Canada safety courses here at Hard Hat Training. In order, our top ten most popular Canada safety training courses are:

  1. Sit-Down Forklift Safety Training
  2. Telehandler Safety Training
  3. MEWP (Aerial Lift) Safety Training
  4. Skid Steer Safety Training
  5. Overhead Crane Training
  6. Fall Protection Safety Training
  7. OHV (UTV, ATV) Safety Training
  8. Excavator Safety Training
  9. Digger Derrick Safety Training
  10. Front-End Loader Safety Training

How Long Do Safety Trainings Take?

The length of our safety training varies with the learning topic you choose. Some of our courses only take about 30 minutes to complete, while other courses could take up to a couple days. The length also depends on the employee taking the course. Meaning their work schedule and learning pace could cause them to take longer to finish than other employees. 

Save Energy With Our Safety Canada Courses

The safety training process should be quick and efficient for everyone involved. Our safety courses make this possible. Employees can receive or refresh their certification in four simple steps. These steps are:

  1. Purchase the course you need
  2. Take the course
  3. Pass the final exam
  4. Download and print out your certificate

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You can find all of our Canada courses in one spot on our website. This makes the process of finding the course you need, selecting it, and purchasing it quick and simple. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer service team today for help or  more information. 

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Start your safety training process today by purchasing a course that is specific to your safety training needs. Visit our website to view our course catalog. As we mentioned earlier, we offer many different trainings in many different formats. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions.

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Why Choose Us?

Why use Hard Hat Training’s safety trainings? The answer is simple. Because we are the best around! Our training kits, online training courses, and other training materials are used by companies both small and large all across the globe–from the U.S. to Canada to Mexico, Africa, the United Arab Emirates and beyond. The Hard Hat Training Series gives you everything you need to cost-effectively certify your own crew, ensure retention of safety principles, and maintain OSHA and OHS alignment. See all the United States based companies and Canada based companies that use and trust our courses.

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