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Discover what makes the Hard Hat Training Company the best safety training program around! 
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Hard Hat Training has been providing heavy equipment operator training services across the U.S. and Canada for nearly two decades. Our safety training company started over 15 years ago in the Seattle area where we specialized in the inspection, testing, and certification of cranes. To this day, those same inspectors travel all over the country and even outside the country inspecting cranes and training heavy equipment operators. Our Hard Hat Training Series training tools have also become commonplace across the globe.

Our Purpose

Our main purpose is to provide you with easy and affordable compliant OSHA safety training solutions. Our customer satisfaction is based on these three core values:
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We offer robust training solutions that will cover all your safety needs at a price you can afford. In a time when safety training keeps getting shorter, we keep adding to ours to make it more comprehensive.
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Our LMS and our training kits are easy to navigate. We do the research and design work to make training your employees as simple as possible without sacrificing quality.
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We offer training that complies with the most current U.S. and Canada standards. We also offer Cal OSHA-specific trainings for our customers in California.

Our Values

At Hard Hat Training, we are just your run-of-the-mill folks, but with an intense desire to become the best we can be and to help you get the best you deserve. We are learners and teachers and learners evermore. We are fiercely independent yet humbly dependent. We expect from ourselves and others honesty, kindness, understanding, and gratitude. We strive to be aware of others’ needs and to be accessible so that we can fulfill them. 

We are hyper-focused on delivering more than expected. We want you to feel comfortable turning to us again and again for any help you may need as you work tirelessly to create a safe work environment and achieve ultimate OSHA compliance.

About Us

Vision Statement

Hard Hat Training's vision statement is to help companies eradicate accidents and fatalities through consistent in-depth training and the establishment of an engaging safety culture. We strive to help companies have safer, accident free work environments. 

Mission Statement

Our goal is to make safety training easy and affordable and to invite companies everywhere to stop doing things the hard way and, instead, start doing them the Hard Hat Training way! We endeavor to accomplish this mission with our work. 

Meet the Team

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Arthur lee
Arthur Lee
Arthur had the opportunity to buy an underutilized training division out of another company. That re-branded division has since turned into Safety Provisions, Inc, the home of the Hard Hat Training Series, which Arthur has been running for ten years.
Principal Owner, Advisor
Thomas Mecham
Thomas Mecham
Thomas studied business managements at BYU-Idaho then went on to receive an MBA from Utah State University. His prior work experience is largely in marketing and finance and he hopes to help navigate the new growth at Safety Provisions, Inc.
Business Support Manager
Ricky Johnson
Ricky Johnson
Ricky studied Industrial and Organizational Psychology at BYU-Idaho. On top of his degree, Ricky has held various leadership positions within other organizations. This degree and experience has been a huge help in the growth of Safety Provisions, Inc and will continue to be a major benefit in the future.
Manager of HR and Customer Support

Our Customers

For our customers in Canada, we've worked non-stop with leading safety companies across your country in order to release Canada-compliant versions of these same training kits (each training kit comes with additional federal and provincial training and safety helps) and online training courses for Canadian operators. 

In fact, our online classes are our biggest sellers in Canada--used in virtually every province by companies such as Leavitt Machinery, SafeTech Training, City of Toronto, and others.

Companies We've Worked With

Our training kits, online training courses, and other training materials are used by companies both small and large all across the globe–from the U.S. to Canada to Mexico, Africa, the United Arab Emirates and beyond.

Our Training Categories

Forklift Training

Check out all of our forklift trainings—online, kits and train the training courses. 

Crane Training

Check out all of our crane and rigger trainings—online, kits and train the training courses. 

Earthmover Training

Check out all of our earthmover trainings—online, kits and train the training courses. 

HR Training

Check out all of our human resources trainings—online, kits and train the training courses. 

Community Training

Check out all of our community awareness trainings—online, kits and train the training courses. 

Electrical Training

Check out all of our electrical trainings—online, kits and train the training courses. 

Medical Training

Check out all of our industrial hygiene trainings—online, kits and train the training courses. 

Maritime Training

Check out all of our maritime trainings—online, kits and train the training courses. 

How to Find Your Certificate

For anyone who has competed a Hard Hat Training course, we offer free downloads so that you can print your certificate and keep it for your records. We recommend that everyone keeps a physical copy of their training certificate. Whether you used our online safety training program, trained under a company branch, or used one of our safety training kits, find your training certification below. 

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