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Safety Affiliate Programs | Everything You Need to Know

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One company becomes affiliated with another in order to sell or promote products, and they earn a commission for doing so.

  • The customer, the affiliate, and the merchant make up an affiliate program.
  • There is a lot going on behind the scenes in an affiliate program. 
  • There are many reasons why becoming an affiliate could be a great choice for you.

What are Affiliates?

The textbook definition of the term “affiliate” is “an individual or an entire organization that is officially attached to another company or corporation.” There are actually quite a few different types of affiliate relationships. They exist in multiple different forms and configurations across all sorts of work industries.

Corporate Affiliates

Affiliate, in this sense, is used primarily to describe a business relationship where one company owns less than a majority stake in the other company's stock. This is normally due to the fact that the companies are related to each other, however, these relationships can exist between an organization and a third-party company.

International Affiliates

These types of affiliate relationships take place when a multinational company sets up affiliates in order to reach an international market while protecting the parent company’s names. The name is protected in case the affiliate fails or the parent company is viewed as unfavorable due to its foreign origin. 

Retail Affiliates

When it comes to retail, affiliate is used to describe a very different business relationship. In cases like this, one company becomes affiliated with the other in order to sell or promote products or services, and they earn a commission for doing so. In this specific article, we will be discussing details only on retail affiliate relationships. 

What Are Affiliate Programs?

An affiliate program, also sometimes called an associate program, is a marketing tool for the online marketing industry that pays third-party individuals or companies to drive traffic to a website or promote certain products or services. These affiliate individuals or companies can post links, pictures, and information about products. It depends on the agreement between the affiliate and the company. 

There are three parties that are usually involved in an affiliate program transaction. Those three parties are:

  1. The customer
  2. The affiliate
  3. The merchant

Each party plays a vital role when it comes to making this relationship work. The program ends up working something like this:

The merchant attracts and makes an agreement with affiliates to post links, pictures, or advertisements that promote the products or services the merchant is selling. When a customer clicks on the link or purchases the product or service, the merchant pays the affiliate a percentage of their profits. The affiliate helps make the sale while the merchant essentially does everything else: They take the order, collect the money, and then ship the product or perform the service. 

The process the affiliate performs is called affiliate marketing. Over the past years, affiliate programs have grown enormously in popularity, taking many different forms and showing up in different business relationships. 

How Do I Start Affiliate Marketing as a Beginner?

In order to begin affiliate marketing, you must first understand the different arrangements and agreements that can occur between the involved parties in a retail relationship. Throughout the following sections, we will go into detail about what goes on behind the scenes of an affiliate program and everything you will need to know before beginning.

Affiliate Programs Administration

While affiliate programs can be described in a simple, three-step process, there is a lot of necessary work that goes on behind the scenes of the transactions. 

In order for the affiliates to receive the commission they earn and are owed, someone needs to keep track of the actual activity surrounding the affiliate's link or advertisement that promotes the merchant's site or products. Depending on the arrangement that was made between the two, someone will need to keep track of:

  • The number of people who click on the affiliate link to the merchant's site
  • The number of people who end up purchasing the product or service once the affiliate directs them to the merchant site
  • The number of people who see the merchant's products through the affiliate

Many merchants decide to directly track all of the above factors because the traffic they get from the affiliate is positively impacting their own sales. However, as an affiliate, it would be smart for you to keep track of your own numbers to ensure that you are getting what you were promised. 

Payment Arrangements for Affiliate Marketing

There are three basic types of affiliate program payment arrangements. The payment arrangement will be decided on when the agreement between both parties is made. It is important for you to know what each one is and what you would be making with each.

  • Cost-per-sale: In this type of arrangement, the merchant pays the affiliate when the affiliate sends them a customer who purchases a product or service.
  • Cost-per-click: With this arrangement, the merchant pays the affiliate based on the number of potential customers who simply click on the affiliate link that takes them to the merchant’s site. 
  • Cost-per-lead: Merchants that use this arrangement pay their affiliates based on the number of customers they refer who sign up as leads. This simply means that when the customer fills out information on the merchant site, the customer puts the affiliate down as the referral that sent them there. 

Why Should I Become an Affiliate?

There are many reasons why becoming an affiliate could be a great choice for you. There are many ways that you will benefit from affiliate marketing. Here are five of the best reasons why you should become an affiliate:

  1. Minimal investment: In affiliate marketing you can run your business with almost zero cost to you. All you need to do is promote products. You can accomplish this in many different ways, but most merchant companies offer a free starter package that allows you to start the affiliate program.
  2. Easy to start: All the amenities of affiliate marketing show that this is the easiest way to start your own business. 
  3. Learning through earning: You can learn about many different kinds of professions while also learning how to professionally deal with responsibility.
  4. Flexibility: In most cases of affiliate marketing, you choose your own work schedule. In fact, you may not even need a work schedule. 
  5. Do what you love most: There are so many merchants actively looking for affiliates. You can choose one that piques your interest, or one that promotes items or services that are important to you. 

Becoming an Affiliate For Hard Hat Training

If workplace safety is important to you, becoming an affiliate for Hard Hat Training could be a great opportunity for you that opens up unique pathways and may even provide you with personalized benefits. 

Here at Hard Hat Training, we have opportunities that are available for safety training professionals or entrepreneurs who would like to promote our programs and online courses. Some of the most important details about our affiliate programs are:

  • Pre-buy our materials at up to 50% off SRP (minimum of 5)
  • Drop-ship to your customer for 40% off SRP (no minimum)
  • Custom branding options
  • Receive commissions on any sales traffic you bring to our site (starting at 30%)
  • No need to worry about shipping or providing download links
  • 31-day cookie life on leads

In addition to this, we will supply you with samples, files, images, and anything else you may need to market our products on your own site. 

A Little About Us

Our aim at Hard Hat Training is to make safety training convenient and reasonably priced. Through frequent, in-depth training, we want to assist businesses reduce accidents and fatalities. Our training resources are regularly updated, allowing us to provide the most comprehensive, current, user-friendly, and OSHA-compliant training solutions available on the market right now.

All of our courses adhere to OSHA regulations and provide all pertinent safety information on the training topic at hand. To give businesses the greatest and most important information, our learning development and quality assurance teams spend hours conducting research. 

Our Safety Products and Services

Companies may pick from over 200 training subjects in our course catalog, and each one is completely narrated and structured to maintain students' attention. There are several simple, inexpensive, and practical ways to carry out safety instruction. We provide a variety of learning styles for our courses. The training programs we provide can be taken in person, online, with training kits, or as train-the-trainer programs. 

Onsite Trainers

We deploy designated trainers to certain worksites to conduct our in-person training, where they provide safety instruction to the staff. The main benefit of our onsite training is that our instructors can instruct staff members utilizing the tools that their workplace already has. Upon request, an in-person training session can be planned. For a free quotation, visit our website

Training Kits

Our training kits include a variety of instructional resources, giving instructors and trainees everything they need for their safety training. Education, evaluation, and certification are the three stages of the training process that each of our tools fits into. 

We offer materials that may be used before, during, and after the course is taken for the educational component of the training process. The resources we give you are:

  • A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation with all the required safety information.
  • A guidebook that covers safety subjects and may be used to refresh the instruction.
  • Five "Toolbox Talks" that may be utilized for review.

The resources we have at our disposal for the training process' evaluation phase include things like: 

  • Employees will be subjected to written tests covering all critical safety topics.
  • Answer keys for use in processing tests by employers.
  • Forms for practical evaluation that include all the details required for the training subject.

Our training bundle(DIY kits) includes the following certificates:

  • A certificate of completion sample that may be modified to meet individual employee requirements.
  • For those workers who need to carry the certificate with them, a printable wallet card form is available.

The training kits also include other papers, such as written OSHA rules, a list of accident profiles, news clips, and safety posters that emphasize the safety concepts related to the particular training topic, in addition to the training and testing materials.

Train-the-Trainer Courses

If you're like most people, the idea of investing in a training kit could be a little scary. It may be challenging, and good teaching demands the right knowledge and abilities. You may purchase a train-the-trainer course in addition to our training kits to obtain a thorough understanding of the subject. 

To assist employers in becoming authorities in their profession, a train-the-trainer course is offered. The courses might be just a few hours long and offer a thorough examination of the topic of your choice. It concentrates on the subject matter you'll be instructing and how to do it in a way that an employee will understand. 

You will obtain a certificate after finishing the course certifying you as a safety trainer. From there, you'll be equipped to effectively guide your staff toward a workplace that is safer and more enjoyable. 

Online Training

For you and your workers, our online courses provide a variety of chances and benefits. Our courses will make safety training quick, effective, and interesting. In only one day, you may purchase the course, do your training, and earn your certification.

Everyone has a lot of chances with our online courses. Employees have the freedom to monitor their own development and resume and stop as needed. For workers with busy schedules, this might be useful for time management. The ability for employers to monitor how far along their staff members enables them to maintain tabs on who has or has not finished their safety training.

Our online courses also provide you the option to administer or take the test as soon as the course is over. Employees may now take the test while their memories of the material are still fresh. Our online courses are quick, efficient, and easy overall.

All of our courses are OSHA compliant and provide participants with everything they need to be safe while working. Courses include:

  • Quiz questions to review material
  • A final exam for the course
  • Employee certificates after passing the test
  • A system that enables companies to keep track of workers' development and comprehension