With autumn in full swing, working outside during the harvest season seems like a picturesque and tranquil job. However, getting into an accident on a telehandler turns a job from serene to life-threatening in an instant. Knowing common telehandler hazards will not only make you more informed, but could potentially save your life.

Top 6 Telehandler Hazards

  • Struck by Forklift.  This type of injury is unfortunately as dangerous as it is common. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 36% of forklift victims die from forklifts hitting them. Always be aware of pedestrians near your machine and have well-placed mirrors to reduce blind spots.
  • Hit by Falling Load. Fall is a beautiful season, but having 200 pounds of metal piping fall on you is not. This often happens when loads are not shrink-wrapped, stacked too high, or not properly secured to the forklift. Be sure to properly secure your load and avoid working under suspended loads.