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Understanding OSHA Training

An important fact about OSHA is that the organization itself does not provide training and certification for employers and employees. Organizations and companies not affiliated directly with OSHA sell training courses and offer OSHA Aligned information that can certify employees to perform certain tasks or work in certain environments.

The employer is responsible for creating a safe work environment and ensuring their employees are properly trained. They choose where to get the training they need for their employees and should choose a reliable retailer that gives OSHA Aligned information.

Is It Worth Getting OSHA Certified?

Not everyone is required to be trained for their job, but it is always recommended due to the number of injuries and illnesses that can be prevented through training. Receiving an OSHA card is one way of showing employers and fellow employees that you are certified and prepared to face the hazards in your workplace to ensure everyone gets home safely. It is always worth getting OSHA certified because it shows your dedication to safety.

What is an OSHA Card?

An OSHA card refers to a small, wallet-sized plastic card that shows you have completed a safety training course. Usually, OSHA cards are associated exclusively with the completion of a 10 or 30-hour safety training course. It is a convenient certification that can be shown at any time to prove that an employee is properly trained in safety. OSHA cards are not required by federal OSHA for all employees, but some states and employers do require them.

Here at Hard Hat Training, we offer printable certificates, including a wallet-sized card. These come in a template that can be printed off after the completion of any of our courses for any topic, not just 10 and 30-hour safety training courses. OSHA cards do not expire. Check out this new article to learn more about specific OSHA card benefits.

How to Get an OSHA Card

OSHA cards are obtained through a simple process. You begin by visiting the site where you want to receive the course training from. From there you will need to:

The process is a bit more lengthy if you obtain training through the Outreach Training Program and can take 2-8 weeks for the card to arrive by mail. But here at Hard Hat Training, the process is relatively easy and quick. Our training kits include the certificate template with the wallet-sized card for you to fill in and print off after the completion of the course.

OSHA Outreach Completion Cards

Most often, OSHA cards are believed to be obtained through the OSHA Outreach Training Program. Cards are distributed by the Department of Labor to those who complete a course through this program. The program uses a national network of trainers to conduct these training courses. Their schedules and availability will vary, so when choosing one from the Outreach Training Program, be sure to find one that suits your needs.

OSHA Outreach Training is specifically for 10 and 30-hour safety training for either construction, general, or maritime industries. Outreach OSHA cards also do not expire, but some states and employers may require employees to retake outreach training every few years or so.

10 and 30-hour Training Courses and Cards

10 and 30-hour OSHA cards are great because they provide employees with general safety awareness and training for common hazards. The 10-hour OSHA card is primarily intended for entry-level employees and contains 10 hours of safety training material in the form of multiple modules.

The 30-hour OSHA card is recommended for supervisors with safety responsibilities in the workplace. It contains 30 hours of safety training material and more modules than the 10-hour course. Choosing which card to get will depend on what type of workplace you work in and what role you will be playing within the workplace.

Meeting OSHA Training Requirements

OSHA training comes in many forms and has some specific requirements depending on where you work and what industry you work for. Know what works best for you and make sure to get the correct training that meets your workplace’s requirements.

Online OSHA Training

Online OSHA training is a cost effective, remote option that can be very reliable. It is an option that can be especially useful for training large numbers of employees for a fraction of the cost. Another benefit of online training is that it is self-paced and can be started and stopped at any time. However, depending on the training you need, this may not be ideal due to the necessity of hands-on learning and practical evaluations.

Onsite OSHA Training

In the case that online cannot provide you with the adequate training for a particular topic, onsite training is a viable option as well. Especially for 10 and 30-hour training courses, onsite is a great option because it allows you face-to-face interaction with a trainer who can answer your questions. It can also allow the trainer to show and teach you about the proper use and safety practices associated with the equipment in the workplace.

California OSHA Training

California workplaces function under the jurisdiction of a state plan, also known as Cal/OSHA. Their requirements for training are usually more strict than other states, so their training looks different than training from other states and from federal OSHA Requirements. When obtaining training for any workplace in California, it is essential that you ensure it is aligned with Cal/OSHA Requirements, and not federal OSHA Requirements.

Construction and General Industry Training

Most workplaces that fall under construction or general industry require 10-hour training for entry level employees. This is because most workplaces under these industries face significantly more hazards than other workplaces in other industries. It is a guarantee that employees in these industries will be around hazards constantly and they need to be aware of all of them beforehand.

How to Replace a Lost or Damaged OSHA Card

In order to replace an OSHA card obtained through the Outreach Program, you will need to contact the trainer or OSHA-authorized provider you received either the 10 or 30-hour OSHA course from. Once this information has been passed on to the Outreach trainer, they will contact the OSHA Education Center in order to get you a replacement.

You can only replace your OSHA card once and will also need to pay a $45 fee for the replacement card. If you lose or damage your card again after that, then you will need to retake the associated OSHA Outreach Training course for the card again. Be aware that replacement cards cannot be given for training courses that occurred more than five years since completion.

Replacing an OSHA card obtained from any of Hard Hat Training’s courses is much easier. You can simply print the wallet card out again and you are good to go. If you would like a special laminated version of your certificate, we offer some hard copy and professional options on our product page.

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