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Fall Protection Poster - Splat!


Insufficient fall protection was once again the most cited violation. Our posters are designed to catch the eye, increase retention and improve safety. That's our hope anyway. So get your unique 12x18 poster today!

  1. Download it, print it out at a copy & print shop for just a few dollars
  2. Or save some time: have us ship a professionally printed copy to you


fall protection poster, fall arrest posterWhenever we show this poster to people we are immediately met with a few giggles followed almost as immediately by a few gasps. It does not take people long to grasp the horror of the picture we are trying to paint here. And yet, for some reason, it takes us much longer for that same message to translate to everyday work. How do we know this? Because once again, OSHA has listed the fall protection standard as the most cited for violations.

On top of that I see workers who should be wearing fall protection (fall arrest gear) bu are not wearing it at all. Just this week alone, I saw a couple construction workers in a personnel work platform (man basket) attached to a telehandler not wearing fall protection. On another worksite, I saw two men in a boom lift wearing fall protection but not tied off (while one of them stood on the rails of the basket to reach for something--another "no-no!"); and as I type this I can see a couple workers out my window on some new construction doing roof work without fall protection.

How is it we have not learned our lesson and work sites continue to ignore fall protection standards? It is time to change. I hope this poster helps.



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