Signal Person & Rigger Training

Ultimately, what do I get when I purchase Hard Hat Training’s signal person and rigger training?

OSHA’s rules regarding signal person and rigger safety training can seem daunting. Let us help you get rigger certification training that meets OSHA’s compliance standards. With our training, you can get yourself, or your crew of operators trained and certified today in just two hours with your rigger certificate(s) and rigger license(s) (wallet card) in hand.


Why do I need signal person and rigger training?

In line with OSHA requirements, anyone who operates heavy equipment must receive training prior to operating the machine on their own. Check out the info below to decide whether our kit, online or onsite training is right for you. It is vital that all riggers and signalmen receive the proper training. Rigger and signal person training can save lives.


What are my options for training?

We offer three different training options: kits, online and onsite. Learn more about each below. EN = English Language | SP = Spanish Language


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