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A History of Safety | Hard Hat Training

For nearly two decades, Hard Hat Training has been offering safety training services. Our first safety training courses began mostly with heavy equipment operator training but have since expanded into a diverse catalog of many unique courses and certifications. 

Hard Hat Training began over 15 years ago in Seattle, Washington, where we specialized in the inspection, testing, and certification of cranes. From then until now, our inspectors continue to travel inside and outside the country inspecting cranes and training heavy equipment operators.

Now, our Hard Hat Training series has become commonplace around the globe. We continue our effort to promote OSHA Aligned safety training at affordable prices. 

Your Safety is Our Business

Our main goal is not only to make safety training affordable but to also make it reliable. Our course material is comprehensive and easy to navigate. We do all the research needed to make the training as simple and easy to understand as possible. Our employees are learners and teachers and learners evermore. We strive continually to give you the training you deserve and provide our services with a mentality of honesty and gratitude. 

We always strive to give more than is expected with our training courses. Whether you live in the U.S. or Canada, our training is aligned with the most current standards for your industry. We also offer Cal OSHA-specific training for employees that work in California. That way, you always get the training that you need the way you need it. 

Creative and Efficient Safety Training Supply

Here at Hard Hat Training, we strive for a certain level of creativity with our design and style and a certain level of efficiency with our presentation and training methods. We can guarantee good quality training that will teach you everything you need to know for whatever training you need.

Our training is also designed to keep the user engaged as much as possible. For our online training, we offer the option of text to speech so the user can listen to the material as they follow along. We also offer our courses in Spanish for any Spanish speaking employees who need training in the language they understand best.  

What is Safety Training?

Safety training is exactly what it sounds like, it is training that teaches you safety information and practices. Safety training has been a priority ever since the establishment of OSHA in 1970. Before OSHA was established, worker deaths averaged around 38 a day. Since then, there are only approximately 15 worker deaths a day. Many of these deaths occur because of a lack of training. 

OSHA does not require safety training. However, the General Duty Clause established by OSHA requires employers to provide their employees with a safe work environment. The best way for employers to do this is by providing quality safety training for their employees. Safety training takes many forms and contains many different methods of training. 

Our Safety Training Programs

The safety training programs we offer involve formats that suit the different needs of individuals, employers, and companies. They include:

Why We Stand Out Among Other Safety Training Companies

There are many options and companies out there for safety training. However, Hard Hat Training stands out from other safety training companies for our well renowned quality assurance and customer service teams. They work constantly to ensure quality and good service for all our clients. 

To reassure you of our dedication to quality, just see what some of previous clients’ testimonials say about their experience with Hard Hat Training: 


“After trying other platforms, we have been very pleased with Hard Hat Training. The user interface is easy to use and we love the ease of access. The training is also easy to administer and the performance checklists are provided. We can’t recommend them enough!”


“It took a little longer than I expected but I didn’t skip anything. Very thorough in safety and hazards and made some good points on rigging and slings. Worth the money and it saved me a two hour trip to attend a two hour class!”


“My experience has been insightful and Hard Hat training has been a very big boost to my competence both as a trainee and a trainer. We appreciate you.”


“Great course! Thoroughly gives you what’s needed to be safe and know what you’re doing.”

Praise for Our Online Safety Training

Our online training is especially useful and efficient and has received praise from many clients. If you want to know what our customers think of our online training courses, just see some of their testimonials below:


“One of the best online sources for safety certifications.”


“Thank you for providing an online resource to complete this course.” – Confined Space Course


“I think it was a really good course. I enjoyed sitting down at the kitchen table and learning at my own speed about ladder safety.” – Ladder Safety Course

Recognition for Hard Hat Training

In 2021, Training Industry included Hard Hat Training in the top 20 companies for employee health, safety, and wellness. This award was given after careful consideration and analysis of our company’s capabilities, experience, and expertise where health and safety are concerned (Training Industry). 

We Welcome Feedback

On the flip side of reviews and praise keep in mind that we are always striving to improve our courses. If at any time you have an issue with one of our trainings or courses you are more than welcome to let us know on our safety course feedback page. We will address the issues as soon as possible.

Our Safety Training Courses Catalog

We offer over 200 safety training topics on our website in all the different programs mentioned earlier. If you need safety training, we most likely will have what you need and how you need it. All our courses are OSHA Aligned and just what you need to reduce workplace injuries and fatalities. 

Each course comes with a certification that can be printed out as proof that you have completed the course. We offer wallet-sized certificate cards as well that can easily be carried on your person at all times. 

To start browsing for the safety training you need today, look through our catalog and reach out to us today! 

Our Most Popular Safety Training Topics

Some of our safety training courses really stand out and are requested more often than others. These courses can be specific or broad enough to apply to any workplace. Our most popular courses are: