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Forklift Pre-Operation Inspection Training Video


MP4 | 17 Minutes

Teach or refresh crew members on the correct OSHA-compliant procedures to follow when conducting a forklift pre-shift walkaround inspection.



This OSHA-compliant forklift pre-operation inspection training video covers how to correctly conduct a pre-shift forklift inspection. This loader walkaround video can be used to teach or refresh crew members on the correct procedures to follow when conducting a pre-shift forklift walkaround inspection by following a forklift inspection checklist.

As a forklift operator, the pre-operation inspection is your responsibility to ensure not only your own safety but that of other crew members a well. The pre-operation inspection, when done correctly, will ensure that the machine is in good working condition before starting work for the day. Finding and fixing any broken parts or those in need of maintenance before operation can potentially save a lot of money. More importantly it will safeguard the operator and other crew members. Learn to do it correctly with this forklift pre-operation inspection video.

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