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Autumn Lawn Care and its Benefits

Autumn Lawn Care and its Benefits

During the Summer, the lawn becomes a primary focus to the property. It requires care to ensure it stays healthy and well taken care of. During the Autumn season, however, lawn care tends to take a back seat as the warm season ends its reign. A lot of the time, owners tend to assume that the lawn does not need as much care once the temperatures begin to cool. This is because the grass begins to grow at a slower rate. Despite that it begins to slow down, there are some steps to follow that will ensure that your lawn will be healthier and better once Spring comes back next year.

The first thing to remember is to continue mowing. Instead of mowing normally, it is best to cut the grass as low as possible without destroying the lawn (no more than a third of the grass blade). In addition to mowing, it is best to continue watering especially if the rain is not as prevalent in your area. This will keep the grass lush and green.

In Autumn, the grass is starting to store nutrients and oxygen into the soil and plant so it can survive during the winter. Another step to aid the process of taking care of your lawn is aerating the soil. This will help the lawn by allowing more oxygen into the soil and to reach the roots of the grass. This also allows water and fertilizer into the soil and collects it there for the roots to use. If you do not have a lawn aerator, you can always find a business that rents them out.

The third thing you can do to help keep your lawn healthy during Autumn is to rake up your leaves. Most of the time, families do this as a fun past time for the kids to jump and play in and even teaches kids and teenagers responsibility. You can still utilize this option, but remember to clear them off the lawn. If they stay on the lawn when it rains, they can begin sticking together and create an impermeable layer that prevents oxygen to get to the grass, and suffocates them. This can also bring about a legion of fungal diseases that can destroy the lawn.

There are many other steps that you can take along with these, such as fertilizing, filling in balding spots, and removing all the weeds. By doing all these steps properly, you can ensure that your lawn will survive and flourish for many years, while still maintaining a beautiful lawn until the snow covers it.

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