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The 25 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

The 25 Most Dangerous Jobs in America

24/7 Wall Street has surveyed the top 25 most dangerous jobs in America, and while some occupations are expected to have a high fatality and injury rate, you may be surprised at just how diverse these occupational hazards can be. Listed here are some that are more surprising and, of course, the top three most dangerous jobs (that first one is a doozy).

 Construction Laborers


While construction Labor doesn’t come as a shock to us, it is a seriously hazardous environment because of the equipment, materials, and even heights they operate with. 13 to every 100,000 workers suffered a fatality in 2018, with 259 fatal injuries and 20,430 nonfatal injuries. What is more surprising is that the most common cause of fatal accident is not from heavy machinery accidents but from falls, slips, and trips.

2018 fatal injury rate: 13 per 100,000 workers
Total injuries in 2018: 259 fatal, 20,430 nonfatal
The most common cause of fatal accidents: falls, slips, trips

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Electrical power-line installers/repairers

It’s Shocking!

Due to the ever-present high-voltage coupled with substantial heights, power-line installers take 11th place.

2018 fatal injury rate: 19.3 per 100,000 workers
Total injuries in 2018: 29 fatal injuries (on-the-job, too), 1,490 nonfatal injuries
Most common cause of fatal accidents: Exposure to harmful substances or environments

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First-line supervisors of landscaping and groundskeeping workers

I’m sorry, did I hear you right?

More surprisingly, land and groundskeeping workers suffer from more fatalities and injuries than electrical or construction laborers, with one less than double the fatal injuries than power-line installers in 2018.

Apparently, supervisors are at even greater risk of injury or death than the groundskeeping workers, with a rate of 20 deaths per 100,000 workers. Another interesting fact: the most common source of nonfatal injuries was overexertion.

2018 fatal injury rate: 20.2 per 100,000 workers
Total injuries in 2018: 48 fatal injuries, 1,990 nonfatal injuries
Most common cause of fatal accidents: Falls, slips, trips

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Aircraft Pilots & Flight Engineers

Do planes crash that often?!

Evidently so. 24/7 relates that, aside from the fact that any crash typically results in large fatalities and injuries, pilots are also taxed with the exhaustion of mental stress and difficult schedules.

2018 fatal injury rate: 58.9 per 100,000 workers
Total injuries in 2018: 70 fatal injuries, 490 nonfatal injuries
Most common cause of fatal accidents: Transportation incidents

 Fishers & Related Fishing Workers


Fishers and related fishing workers take the #2. The consistent physical work of maintaining fishing gear, combined with wet, slippery decks in the middle of constantly challenging and morphing weather makes for a dangerous combination.  Also, there’s the matter of sustaining an injury in a remote location in the ocean with no emergency medical services available (no big deal).

2018 fatal injury rate: 77.4 per 100,000 workers
Total injuries in 2018: 30 fatal injuries
Most common cause of fatal accident: Transportation incidents

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Logging Workers


24/7 says it well when they say: “With nearly 100 fatal injuries per 100,000 workers, logging is by far the most dangerous job in America.”

Similar to our fishing friends, loggers work in remote locations, with little access to immediate emergency services. If you combine that with the potentially fatal tools like saws and harvesters (also, heavy trees), you can quickly see how logging is the most dangerous job in America.

2018 fatal injury rate: 97.6 per 100,000 workers
Total injuries in 2018: 56 fatal injuries, 1,040 nonfatal injuries
Most common cause of fatal accident: Contact with objects and equipment

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As you can see, any worksite comes with its heights and hazards, whether that’s navigating a stormy ocean or scaling the redwoods. In any instance, employees should be familiar with and ready to address any worksite problems that come their way. If you or an employee are looking for training on worksite hazards, machinery, or policies, we can help! Visit us at

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Good luck and stay safe!