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Does OSHA Require Skid Steer Training?

Does OSHA Require Skid Steer Training?

Does OSHA require Skid Steer Training?

The short answer is, yes.


Employers are fully responsible for making sure that their workforce has proper training for the equipment they operate. So, although there may not be certain specific rules regarding skid steers, there are still general rules that must be followed in order to be in good standing. For more info regarding those specific standards follow the link.

The truth is, if you don’t train your workers and there is an accident, OSHA will come and will fine you. This is why we always suggest training and documenting that training.

Luckily, we make it easy with our ready to use skid steer training program, as well as all of our other training kits. These programs give you everything you need to meet OSHA’s strict training standards and gives you easy ways to document that training.