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Drilling Rig Safety Tips

Drilling Rig Safety Tips

Earlier this year in Oklahoma, there was a major drilling rig explosion that lead to the death of five workers. The event is still under investigation to determine what caused the explosion, but through a preliminary report, the investigator has found that the fire was fed by an “uncontrolled gas release.” When the worker attempted to shut down the well, it was unsuccessful, leading on to the explosion.

Working in the oil and gas extraction trade comes with its own risks and continues to be a job that has the highest risk of injuries and fatalities compared to others across the country. By ensuring that your workplace and employees are safe, it is best to have them up to date on proper safety procedures. Here is how you can improve the safety of you and your fellow workers on the site.

  1. Develop a relationship with the local emergency response community.
    • By establishing this connection, it can help provide the necessary resources for everyone to be reading in the case of an emergency. It will also allow them to know of the hazards their workers will face when responding to an emergency on the site.
  2. Encourage an environment that fosters respect and open communication among the workers.
    • This will allow a personal approach among the workers, so that they all can get to know each other and have that personal connection. This will help them build trust and comradery when they are out in the field and this improving safety.
  3. Monitor Mental Health
    • This is a huge factor that can affect the safety of the workers while on the site. If your worker is depressed, and not getting treatment or assistance with their mental health, it can lead to increased risk for everyone involved. Stress can even lead to mistakes, and even refusing to ask for help when they can need it most.
  4. Ensure that everyone is familiar with the worksite and that it is kept clear of hazards
    • Ensuring that the walkways are clear, and that there are signs showing the potential dangers in the area will help prevent injuries and fatality from tripping over an object or being struck by a moving object.

There are many more methods that can be implemented for safety on the workplace, and by applying it to your site, you can help limit both risks and dangers to you and your workers.

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