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Mower Safety and Maintenance

Mower Safety and Maintenance

In the midst of these hot summer months, people are eager to make their lawns look their best. Green grass, luscious bushes and trees, and neat trimming lines are a sure sign that your property’s maintenance is in tip-top shape and that you yourself have fully embraced the cheerful summer spirit. However, when working on your lawn, specifically with a lawn mower, you must be aware of what dangers are present and how to avoid them, so here are some tips for keeping yourself safe.

  • Always wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles or special glasses, close-toed footwear, and long pants. Additionally, you may want to don head protection in the case of a slip or a rollover.
  • If you are using a riding or zero-turn mower, never start your it unless you are properly mounted in the driver’s seat and have all your limbs clear of the underside of the deck.
  • Test all your controls before starting your machine to see that the dials turn smoothly and that you won’t get stuck in gear.
  • Make sure that others, particularly children, are far away from your mower before you switch on the engine.
  • Check to see if your mower blades have a lot of debris on them. If so, clean them off ONLY when the spark plug of the machine has been removed and the blades disengaged.
  • Remove any and all obstructions in your yard that could disrupt the flow of your mowing session or get caught in the blades.
  • Do not operate in weather that is too hot, and apply generous amounts of sunscreen anytime you are getting ready to work on your mower.
  • Do not listen to music, talk on the phone, or do anything else that could distract you while operating your machine.

Mowing the lawn is not just a carefree summer activity. It takes consideration of those around you and a conscious effort to operate safely and effectively. Don’t rush your work, and don’t get so comfortable doing it that you forget or skip essential steps and protocol.