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PPE Poster - Footwear - Man Of Steel


Are you a man of steel? Our PPE posters are designed to catch the eye, increase retention and improve safety. That's our hope anyway. So get your unique 12x18 poster today!

  1. Download it, print it out at a copy & print shop for just a few dollars
  2. Or save some time: have us ship a professionally printed copy to you


ppe foot protectionWhether you were a comic book fan or not, this much you know: Superman, the Man of Steel, was no match for any number of bag guys. For him, potential hazards creaped up every single day and most often when he least expected it. The same goes for workers all across the globe. The battle for safety continues. Except this is real life and the potential hazards that present themselves can cause injury, even death. The Man of Steel was impervious to man dangers; you are not. But for this reason, OSHA has standards for PPE, specifically footwear. These standards are to keep you safe and to help you keep others safe too. People love a good hero, a protector, someone who is impervious to evil. Well, as funny as it sounds, your footwear can be that hero. Are you wearing the proper PPE, the proper footwear? Are you getting by with regular work boots that offer no protection? Or are you a man of steel?


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