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What Happens If I Fail The Forklift Training Exam?

The first thing to do if you fail your forklift training exam is, don’t panic! Here at Hard Hat Training, all of our courses allow you two attempts at taking the final exam. All of our exam questions can be answered with the knowledge and information you learn straight from our courses. 

If you fail the first attempt, don’t stress. Take a deep breath, go back through the course to refresh your mind with the information, and then try again. In this article, we will be covering all the necessary information you may need when it comes to taking our forklift training exam. To put your mind at ease before taking the course and the exam, we will be discussing what will be covered in the training, what to expect on the final exam, and what to do if you fail the first, second, or third time. 

Our OSHA Aligned Forklift Training Courses

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide a hazard-free work environment for their employees. One of the best ways to avoid hazards in the workplace is by ensuring that the employees have received quality safety training. Each workplace has different hazards, which must be made aware to employees. Therefore, OSHA requires that each safety training course covers certain topics. The goal is to make it so that employees know how to prevent, avoid, and eliminate hazards in their workplace 

Here at Hard Hat Training, all of our courses comply with OSHA Requirements and contain all of the necessary safety information related to the specific training topic. Our learning development and quality assurance teams spend hours researching so that we can provide companies with the best and most vital information.

OSHA Requirements on Forklift Training Courses

In regards to forklift operator training courses, OSHA requires that each training course includes the subsequent safety subjects:

Our Specific Course Topics

All of our forklift operator training courses cover why safety training is important, all potential hazards associated with forklifts, how to avoid and prevent hazards, and all the OSHA Requirements that are associated with operating a forklift. Our trainings also go into detail about other safety topics, such as:

How Long Do Forklift Courses Take?

We offer a variety of forklift safety training courses. Some of our courses are specific to a machine and some courses provide broader information about forklifts in general. These training courses can be anywhere from one to three hours. 

The amount of time it takes to complete these trainings also depends on the employee who is taking the course. If they have a tight work schedule, it’s possible that they may need to stop the course and continue it another time. If the employee learns better in a slower-paced environment, they will probably take longer to finish than an employee who learns better in a fast-paced environment. 

Do I Need a Driver’s License To Take This Course?

Federal OSHA has no requirements stating that a forklift operator must have a valid driver’s license. The only requirements are that the operator must take and successfully complete a forklift operator training course and receive a forklift certification.

Even though OSHA does not require one, your employer can require that you have a valid driver’s license before being able to operate a forklift. Many companies will not let you operate a forklift on their job site without one. So, the decision ultimately lies with your employer. 

What to Expect With Our Forklift Certification Test

As stated earlier, all of our exam questions are written to make you think. However, they were not written to make you fail. The goal is to test your knowledge and ensure that you have learned all the information you need to know. Each question is associated with a specific section in the training, testing your knowledge in all areas.

How Long Do The Tests Take?

The number of questions in each exam depends on the training course you take. Our longer training courses will most likely have more questions than our shorter training courses. 

Once again, the length of the exam itself solely depends upon the employee who is taking it. As a general rule though, 20-30 minutes should give the employee plenty of time to thoroughly answer each question. 

How Can I Pass the Exam on Try One?

The one sure way of passing the exam the first time is by paying attention to the training presentation. Read through each slide and try to remember all the information. There are many different techniques you can use to help you retain the information. Some techniques you can try are: 

All We Will Say Is “Yes!”

As stated earlier, all of our learning formats allow each learning employee two attempts at the final exam. If you fail the first attempt, recollect your thoughts, refresh your memory and then try again. If you fail the second attempt you will most likely have to purchase and take the course again before attempting a third time. 

Forklift Operator Safety Trainings We Offer

At Hard Hat Training, we provide a variety of forklift training programs. Additionally, we provide these courses in a variety of learning styles. In order to deliver a learning experience that works best for their business, regardless of the number of employees or their work schedule, we offer these solutions to our customers. These are the forklift courses we provide:

We will go over every learning format we have available for you and your business in the following few parts.

Onsite Trainer

We deploy designated trainers to particular worksites as part of our onsite training program, where they provide safety training to the staff. The main benefit of our on-site training is that staff may be trained using the exact tools they will be utilizing on the job site.

Training Kits

Our training kits include a variety of instructional resources, giving instructors and trainees everything they need for their safety training. Every product we offer fits into one of the training process’s three phases: education, evaluation, or certification.

We have resources that can be used before, during, and after the course for the educational component of the training process. The resources we give you are:

For the educational portion of the training process, we have materials that can be utilized before, during, and after taking the course. The tools we provide you with are:

The training bundle includes:

In addition to training and testing materials, the kits also come with extra documents, such as written OSHA regulations, a list of accident profiles, news clips, and safety posters that reinforce the safety principles associated with the specific training topic.

Online Courses

For you and your workers, our online courses offer a variety of chances and benefits to complete without the need to find forklift training near you since this course is taken online. Our online courses make safety training convenient, effective, and enjoyable. In only one day, you can purchase the course, finish your training, and earn your certification.

Everyone has a lot of chances with our online courses. Employees can monitor their own development and complete the course at their own pace. Employees that need to manage their time and have busy schedules may find this useful. The ability for employers to monitor how far along their staff members are enables them to maintain tabs on who has or has not finished their safety training.

Our online courses also give you the option to administer or take the exam as soon as the course is finished. Employees can now take the exam while their memories of the material are still fresh. Our online courses are quick, efficient, and easy overall.

Train the Trainer Courses: Forklift Certification

The prospect of buying safety training could be scary if you’re like most people. It can be challenging, and good teaching demands the right knowledge and abilities. You can purchase a train-the-trainer course in addition to our training kits to obtain a thorough understanding of the subject.

To assist employers in becoming authorities in their profession, a train-the-trainer course is offered. The courses can be just a few hours long and offer a thorough examination of the topic of your choice. It concentrates on the subject matter you’ll be instructing and how to do so in a way that an employee will understand.

You will be granted certification as a safety trainer for that subject after finishing the course. Thereafter, you’ll be completely prepared to help create a happier and safer workplace for all.