How Skipping Safety Can Cost You Big Time

How Skipping Safety Can Cost You Big Time

Workplace Safety

When dealing with workplace safety it can be tedious work to make sure things run smoothly. There are so many details to worry about as an employer that it can seem overwhelming to identify and implement safety regulations in a work space. Sometimes we may get the idea that we can skirt around the rules and just go on working. Although this may work for a little while, the decision is bound to catch up with you eventually.

Worker Injuries

Sometimes this comes by way of an unfortunate accident. Whether it be a simple, superficial injury or a regrettable employee death, the repercussions can come back to bite you in very real emotional and financial terms. Leaving your employees exposed to safety hazards doesn’t pay off, and lawsuits can devastate a company.

OSHA Investigation

If you are lucky, however, you will avoid any harm to your employees and jump straight to the payout. This is what recently happened to an Oklahoma based trailer manufacturer. The company exposed employees to a number of safety hazards which eventually got reported to OSHA, leading to an investigation.

The investigation revealed that the company failed to provide welding protection for workers, failed to require medical evaluations for employees working with spray paint and failed to properly label chemicals. Additionally, there were 21 other violations that led to a $535,000 fine.


The reality is, all it takes for you to lose a large chunk of profit is for one employee to make a complaint to the right people. When you take risks like this you are putting your business on the line, and, more importantly, people’s lives. Is that really worth it?


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