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Onsite Training & Train The Trainer


Half Day or Full Day Onsite Training Classes; Operator Safety or Train-the-Trainer

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  • 15+ years of training expertise -- Whatever your unique situation is, we can handle it and make the training go smoothly.
  • OSHA compliant training that doesn't put everyone to sleep; we work with you to create a unique training experience specific to your needs.
  • Competitive pricing; let's get the conversation started, we'll work with your budget!
  • Train on the actual equipment your guys will use on the job.
  • We offer both Operator Safety and Train-the-Trainer onsite classes
  • No charge for additional students

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We offer full-day and half-day classes depending on your exact heavy equipment operator licensing training needs, the equipment being used and the number of trainees you have. We can even combine classes to fit limits imposed by time or budgets. Additionally, our per-day rate can be a cost-effective way for your company to get the training you need and save money.

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Onsite Heavy Equipment Operator Licensing Training/On-Site Train the Trainer Training

On-Site Safety Training, Get Your Crew OSHA Compliant

Our OSHA-compliant onsite trainer will come to your worksite and take care of all your heavy equipment operator licensing training (safety training webinars also available). Get your workers trained for OSHA safety compliance. We come to you from Rexburg, Idaho (travel costs are included so 5-10+ trainees are recommended) to train your workers on your own equipment. On-Site Training is a great option if you prefer not to do your own classroom training or online training. This hands-on training is taught by our experienced OSHA-Compliant trainer professionally and quickly. We offer onsite health and safety training for nearly every training topic we offer (100+) including hands-on forklift training, crane training, excavator training, CPR training, lead training, asbestos training, confined space training, and more. You can find a complete list of our training topics on our topics page. Of course, we can conduct onsite training for more than one topic during your on-site training class.


How to sign up for on-site training:

Please fill out the request an onsite training quote form at the bottom of this page.

If you have questions about our onsite training, please view our onsite training FAQS below and don't hesitate to:



Onsite Training FAQs

Can we send an employee to your site for training?
On occasion, we do host classes at our site. But we prefer to travel to your site. The reason for this is that, technically, heavy equipment operators should be trained on the equipment they will be using and on a job site that is close to, if not the actual, job site they will encounter day in and day out. If your operators work on docks or vessels, in warehouses, or on a construction site, receiving training in a classroom and then hopping a machine in a parking lot may not suffice. At the same time, no one knows their employees, equipment, and site like employers. OSHA places the ultimate responsibility to train operators and trainers on the shoulders of the employer. We are simply a resource for you to use, and we like to discuss the training as well as the employee needs with you before, during, and after the training.

How many students can we have in our on-site operator or on-site train-the-trainer class?
We do not necessarily like to place a limit on the on-site training class without knowing the situation. Ultimately, it depends on the level of experience of the operators, as well as how we decide to structure the class based on your needs. Typically, though, we like to have around 12-15 individuals in a class. This allows us the time we need to focus on them individually. It will also give them extra time on and around the machine during the hands-on training portion of the class. There are always situations that call for exceptions though.

Do you offer any online train the trainer classes?
Yes, we do offer online train the trainer courses. While it does not allow for any actual time around the equipment (which is not required for trainer certification anyway), it can be a very cost-effective way to save on travel expenses, etc.

How do you structure your onsite training classes?
This will depend on a number of variables. Typically, though,

  • We start with a classroom portion
  • Followed by the written exam
  • We then spend the rest of the time on and around the machine (which includes the required observation portion, also called the practical exam).

However, since the ultimate responsibility to approve training falls on you, the employer, we like to make you a part of the decision process. If you want us to spend more time outside on the machine, then we can do that. If you want us to go into more detail on theory, we can do that too. This is your company and your employees; we are simply here to help you get them trained in the most effective way possible.

What do we get with the onsite training classes?
At the end of the operator on-site training classes,

  • We leave you with all of the records you need to prove OSHA-compliant training.
  • Every operator also receives a full-sized certificate.
  • While wallet cards are not required by OSHA (contrary to popular belief), we can also supply wallet cards for individual operators.
  • Train the Trainer trainees will receive the same documents with an additional safety training kit which contains all of the materials they need to put on their own safety training.

Is an On-Site Train-the-Trainer class required by OSHA?
There is a lot of confusion out there though, and many companies think TTT classes are required. However, the bottom line is that they are not required by OSHA. Some companies may require their trainers to receive trainer certification, but that is up to them. In the end, as is the case with operator safety training, the responsibility to designate a trainer falls on the shoulders of the company itself. If OSHA were to come in, the employer would simply need to prove why they chose the trainer they did (because of years of experience training, operating, etc.). Trainer training certification by a recognized third party, such as Hard Hat Training, also comes with prestige.

What if I cannot afford onsite training?

We are happy to offer TTT classes. However, if you do not have the budget, you may consider purchasing our training kits. These contain all of the materials we use when we certify operators via onsite heavy equipment operator licensing training, and they are yours to use, reuse, and customize to put on your own operator training class in-house. They even come with instructor notes.

Visit our onsite forklift training page.

Please contact us with questions or for more information by chatting with us (bottom left corner of your screen), send us an email on our contact page, or call us at (360) 930-9247.

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