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Excavator hand signals are a vital part of safe excavator and trenching operations. Our posters are designed to catch the eye, increase retention and improve safety. That’s our hope anyway. So get your unique 12×18 poster today!

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Excavator hand signals poster: Interestingly enough, when we visit work sites we come across situations where there are no pre-established forms of communication or hand signals. This is often the case on construction sites when the team is compiled of local workers brought in to do specific jobs. And yet OSHA makes it clear that all forms of communication need to be agreed upon, understood and used. As is the case with cranes, direct communication is ideal. But when that is not safe or feasible then excavator hand signals should be used. Everyone should understand what the excavator hand signals mean. However, there should only be one designated signaler at a time. The only exception to this rule is the signal for “emergency stop.” Anyone can give this signal at any given time, and it should be obeyed by the excavator operator immediately no matter who gives it. With this in mind, we hope this excavator hand signals poster and hoisting hand signals poster combo will help you solidify your own hand signal program.

Did you know? In a recent accident fatality, an excavator operator was digging a trench for sewer lines in a new residential area. The signaler was standing in the trench and was just beyond the sight of the operator. So they employed a second worker to relay the excavator hand signals to the operator. Consequently, there was a slight delay between signals, and the worker in the trench was struck by the bucket. He was crushed against a trench box. While there were several things that could have prevented this accident, it should be reiterated that excavator hand signals should only be given by one worker, and not a relay team. If you can’t see the operator and he can’t see you, get out of the trench and communicate from there.


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