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Fall Protection Poster - Gravity


Don't be the fall guy. Our fall protection posters are designed to catch the eye, increase retention and improve safety. That's our hope anyway. So get your unique 12x18 poster today!

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fall safety protection poster
Inspired by the movie Gravity, this fall protection poster is both simple and memorable. And we hope it is a haunting reminder that gravity is a law that cannot be broken on this planet. So don't flirt with it by breaking the laws regarding fall protection. We hope you never fall, but remember, fall arrest gear is about arresting a fall not always preventing it. Preventing it is up to you. So always inspect your fall protection gear, wear it, use it, tie off to it, take care of it, and respect it.

Once again, among OSHA's top ten list of the most cited violations across the country, Fall Protection (1926.501) is number one. "Yeaaahh!" Except being number one in this case is nothing to celebrate. In fact, not only is it bad, it is incomprehensible because the the looming question on OSHA's mind and on the minds of all people involved in safety is why does something like this continue to top the charts year after year? What more do we need to do? How many falls, injuries, deaths, fines is it going to take before employers start training and protecting their workers? Whether you are working on roofs or in aerial lifts, fall arrest gear is required. So don't be the fall guy; don't be the guy who knows he or his crew needs training but shrugs it off; don't be the guy who wears it but doesn't tie off to an designated anchor point; don't be the guy who ignores the requirement to inspect it; and don't be the guy who knows better but still stands on the railings of an aerial lift or leans over the scaffolding.




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