Forklift Poster – Stick A Fork In It


Don’t stick a fork in it! Our forklift poster is designed to catch the eye, increase retention and improve safety. That’s our hope anyway. So get your unique 12×18 poster today!

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When it comes to safe forklift operations, both OSHA and OHS/CSA standards are, arguably, more detailed than any other type of heavy equipment. This is, in part, because it was the lift truck standards that first received a major update. At the same time, there are, perhaps, more forklifts than any other type of heavy machinery. They are in virtually every industry. Because of their availability and constant use, there is also more opportunity for accident. Like all accidents, these forklift accidents occur when we become complacent in our job, when we are in a hurry, or when we simply have not been trained sufficiently. Often, it is a result of all three.

With that in mind, this forklift poster was inspired by the phrase “stick a fork in it,” which is something one does to see if a potato or some other baked good is done. But it is also a phrase we use when we are done, as in wiped out or too weak to go on. Either way, it certainly lends itself to forklift operation where literally sticking a fork in something is fairly common place. Whether it is a forklift operator who engaged a load with the forks too high and punctured a product; an operator who was driving too fast and rammed into a wall; or, worst case scenario, an operator who turned a corner without honking and impaled another worker or a pedestrian, we have seen them all. And loss of property or loss of life, they often lead to a loss of one’s forklift license, a loss of confidence, a loss of money by way of fines or lawsuits, the list goes on and on.

So we hope this forklift poster is a creative yet somber reminder that daily forklift operations must never be taken for granted. If you are not careful, you can easily stick a fork in something or–may it never be–someone, and then you will be done!

  • OSHA Forklift Standard: CFR 1910.178, Powered Industrial Trucks, materials handling and storage
  • Canada Lockout Tagout Standard: B335-15, safety standard for lift trucks


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