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Online Pole-Top Rescue Training, designed by trainers with 15+ years of onsite training experience. The estimated time for this training is 30 – 60 min.

  • OSHA-Authorized: OSHA-authorized courses that are reviewed yearly & updated to meet the latest standards.
  • Instant Access: After purchasing, you'll have immediate access to the online course.
  • Printable Certificates: Upon completion, you will receive a printable certificate and OSHA wallet card.
  • For Businesses: We offer company accounts and bulk discounts.


What’s in the Pole-Top Rescue Training and Certification Course?

Our Pole-Top Rescue training course is OSHA Aligned, and our online version fulfills OSHA’s classroom training requirement. This presentation includes intermittent practice quiz questions to prepare for the final written exam included with the course. In addition to the written exam, this course also includes a checklist for employers to use when administering a practical exam as required by OSHA.

Course Goals:

  • Learn safety procedures and operation for rescuing coworkers from powerlines.
  • Learn procedures for operating a MEWP for rescue.
  • Understand the dangers associated with working near powerlines.

Estimated Training Length: Because everyone learns and progresses at different speeds, the amount of time you spend taking this training will vary. However, the estimated time for this training is 30 – 60 min.

Intended Audience:

  • Employees
  • Supervisors

OSHA Requirements: This course meets the following OSHA Requirements:

  • 29 CFR 1910.269(a)(2)(i) – Rescue training requirements
  • 29 CFR 1910.269(e)(3) – Rescue equipment

Why Take Our Pole-Top Rescue Online Training and Certification | OSHA Aligned

Our online training course provides a substantial, thorough, and effective way to learn how to work safely. We’ve been providing industry-specific safety training solutions for individuals, safety managers, and business owners for over 15 years.

The online course meets the classroom requirement for occupational safety training. It also includes a proficiency checklist that employers can use to perform a practical evaluation, in accordance with standards and regulations.

We have fine-tuned this training to provide you with the best experience possible. Our robust training approach gives an interactive experience that helps learners retain information and apply it on the job site, preventing costly accidents and fines. Safety training is an investment. That is why hundreds of companies and individuals all over the world trust the Hard Hat Training Series for their online training needs.

Why Buy Our Online Pole-Top Rescue Training?

  • Complete Training: First and foremost our goal is to keep you safe and save you money. Don't risk getting expensive OSHA fines because you settled for a sub-par training program that didn't cover safety topics in depth. Train using a program that helps you retain what is learned so that it is put into practice on job sites.
  • Cost-Effective: Hiring a trainer to come on-site can be expensive. In contrast, our online curriculum lowers costs while still providing a professional training experience.
  • Records Tracking System: We offer an easy-to-use management system so that if you have multiple students who are receiving the training you can have access to all records, all-terrain certificates, observation guides and more! (contact us if you would like us to quickly create a company account for you)
  • Train Your Way: You can use this online training program for new hire training, refresher training or train remotely. Access it from anywhere and work on your schedule.
  • Interactive Learning: Special reminders and quiz questions throughout the course prep students for the final exam so that it is passed the first time.
  • Corporate License: Do you want to host this course on your own server? Contact us about obtaining broadcasting rights for this and any of our other online courses.

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Pole-Top Rescue Safety Online Training & Certification

What Is Pole-Top Rescue?

A pole-top rescue is necessary when something has happened that has caused a line worker to become unconscious, unresponsive or otherwise unable to descend the structure on their own.

For example, it only takes a split second for employees to lose their concentration and be electrocuted, which would impair their ability to descend on their own. In this kind of situation, only line workers are qualified to safely ascend the pole and bring the injured worker down.

Throughout the rest of the article we will be referring to rescue missions and steps as though you were the designated rescuer.

Define Linesman

A linesman, also called linemen, is an employee who sets up or repairs electric wire communication or powerlines. A linesman typically works for a utility company. They have the responsibility for creating and maintaining lines that carry power to and from different places.

OSHA Requirements for Pole-Top Rescue

Due to the unique conditions of a pole-top rescue and how the factors of the situation may vary with each necessary rescue, no specific standards for pole-top rescue exist. Instead, companies are required to develop their own techniques and procedures. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that employers refer to The Lineman’s and Cableman’s Handbook when it comes to developing their rescue plan.

However, there are some more general rescue standards that OSHA requires employers to follow when it comes to developing their pole-top rescue plan and safety training.

For example, OSHA requires that all rescue equipment be made available for employees before they ascend the pole. OSHA also requires that workers be trained and familiar with all safety-related practices, procedures, and equipment that pertain to their job requirements, including pole-top rescue.

What Is in a Pole-Top Rescue Course?

Here at Hard Hat Training, all of the courses we provide are OSHA Aligned and therefore cover all the required topics according to OSHA Requirements. An outline of our Pole-Top Rescue Safety Course would look something like this:

  • Equipment
  • Harnesses
  • Handline
  • Personal climbing equipment
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Hot line tools
  • Communication devices
  • Safe operations
    • Evaluate
    • Protect yourself
    • Climbing
    • Evaluate the victim
    • Lowering the victim
    • First aid
    • Aerial basket assist
  • Rescue procedures
    • MEWP rescue
    • Dump feature
    • Reporting

    How Long Does This Course Take?

    Our pole-top rescue course is one of our shorter courses and will only take an employee about 30 to 60 minutes to finish the entire course. Our online version of this course allows employees to stop and start at their leisure, and due to a strict work schedule, it may take them longer to complete the course.

    How Long Will My Certification Last?

    Pole-top rescue certification is valid for a year following the issue date. After your certification becomes invalid, you will need to retake the course again in order to renew your certification.

    Hazards Associated With Pole-Top Rescue

    Pole-top rescues happen more often than you’d think; therefore, they are unavoidable and necessary. During a pole-top rescue, the rescuer has a couple hazards they must keep in mind in order to successfully carry out the rescue and potentially save the victims life.

    Although a knowledge of these dangers will not be enough to keep you safe, they will help you to identify actions to take to remain as safe as possible during your rescue. There are four main hazards associated with performing pole-top rescue. These four hazards are:

    1. Loose items
    2. Live electrical equipment
    3. Snags or entanglements
    4. Falls

    Loose Items

    As you work to rescue the victim, loose materials—such as clothing, tools, or equipment—can pose a risk. These items could be a shock hazard if they carry a charge. They could also snag you, making it difficult or dangerous for you to perform the rescue.

    Live Electrical Equipment

    Live lines are commonly the reason that rescues have to be performed. They are also commonly the reason that rescues fail as well. Be aware of live lines or equipment and keep as far away from them as you can.

    Snags or Entanglements

    Snags and entanglements are the most common hazards when lowering the victim to the ground. Although not as much of a danger to you, it can prevent the victim from getting the help they need as quickly as they need it.


    Falls during a rescue are commonly caused by inexperienced linemen or faulty equipment. Equipment fails when it is not properly maintained or inspected. If equipment is damaged, worn down, or broken, it needs to be immediately fixed or replaced.

    Who Needs Pole-Top Rescue Training?

    OSHA recommends that anyone who will be working in a crew near exposed, energized parts or electrical equipment on a pole should be properly trained in performing a pole-top rescue. This is to ensure that no matter who is injured or unconscious, there will always be someone else present who can safely perform the rescue.

    OSHA requires that every linesman crew perform an annual pole-top rescue training exercise.

    A Little About Us & Our Courses

    Hard Hat Training offers over 200 courses that cover a wide range of training topics. Every participant should be able to engage in a safety training process that is effective, alluring, and fairly-priced. To ensure end-user engagement, all of our courses are fully narrated and only include necessary data.

    Receiving Your Pole-Top Rescue Certification

    Designed to comply with OSHA’s classroom training requirements, our Pole-Top Rescue Safety Course is available online. Your course will conclude with a written exam, which you can complete immediately after completing the training. The certification can be obtained right after the exam if you score above 80%.

    Get in touch with our customer service team for more information on this course!

    For more information about pole-top rescue check out our related articles What Is a Pole-Top Rescue and How Many Steps Are in Pole-Top Rescue?

    Other Training Options:

    We offer two other types of training for this course. The other training types are DIY training kits and a train the trainer certification course. An identical final exam and OSHA-aligned safety training certificate applies, no matter which of the three format options you choose below.

    online safety training

    Currently Viewing: Online Training

    Our online trainings are great for those who want to learn at their own pace and on their own time. Online trainings can be completed from any location, eliminating the need for expensive seminars.

    Employers can assign employees specific trainings and keep track of their progress and exam scores. We also offer group trainings, company accounts, and even bulk discounts for businesses.

    This is the current option

    train the trainer safety training

    Training Kit

    Our kits are the perfect resource for those who want the freedom of training employees themselves. Unlike traditional trainings that are taken once, the kit offers a complete initial training as well as activities and materials to train employees long after they’ve been certified.

    These materials include practical evaluations, exams, toolbox trainings, accident profiles, ect.

    View DIY Training Kit
    train the trainer safety training

    Train the Trainer

    Train-the-trainer courses allow employers to take full control of the training process. Employees who take these courses are fully certified to use the training kit and train others.

    This means that employers can hold training seminars and courses without the need for third-party trainers. We will also include a training presentation and materials to train others.

    View Train the Trainer

    Get Your Custom Branch Today!

    Managers: Take complete control of your safety training by requesting your custom branch now! We will respond within one business day. Need it now? Call us at (888) 360-8764 for immediate assistance. We are open o Monday through Friday, 8 AM (CST) to 8 PM (CST).

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    Save Big By Buying Course Seats (Credits) In Bulk!

    When you purchase (credits) you are essentially buying seats in a virtual classroom. You may assign any employee(s) to any class(es) at any time until those (seats) have all been assigned.

    Whether you are looking to save on a few guys or your whole crew, we make it affordable for everyone to get safety training. These discounts are available on all of our online trainings! Look below to see the breakdown of what you can save when you buy your course seats (credits) in bulk with Safety Provisions.

    Online Safety Training FAQs

    What does each online class cover?

    Generally speaking, each course covers the following: 1. Overview of the Course/Introduction to the Equipment 2. Anatomy, including pre-shift inspections 3. Stability Principles 4. Common Hazards/Accident Profiles 5. Safe Operation 6. Rigging and Hand Signals (for crane courses only).

    How long is the course?

    Trainees go at their own pace, but in general each class (including the exam) takes anywhere from 2 to 2.5 hours. We recommend planning for two or more so you don’t end up rushing through the exam.

    Are these courses OSHA-aligned?

    All of our Hard Hat Training online courses were built and continue to be updated by our trainers and inspectors using OSHA and ANSI guidelines. But it is important to understand that by OSHA-aligned, we mean it follows to the best of our ability the best practices and safety principles put forth by OSHA. In an online format, it is not possible to cover every code for every situation or hazard across every industry. For this reason, our safety training solutions are tools to further knowledge and help employers train and/or certify their crew. But just because a course or program is OSHA-aligned it does not necessarily mean a company as a whole will be aligned or avoid citation if OSHA were to audit them. There is so much more that goes into collective company alignment with OSHA. For example, workers need to be observed applying in the field what they learned in the classroom. This observation/practical exam should be done by trainers, supervisors, or other designated competent persons. Whether you use our training kits or online courses, we provide guides to help employers do this. Other things that need to be done for ultimate alignment may include but are not limited to: addressing with your crew any gaps in the training or additional hazards or principles specific to your work situation; creating, training on, and enforcing and abiding by written safety programs (also known as plans or procedures); and performing regular inspections and risk assessments.

    Are the e-learning classes up-to-date with OSHA standards?

    Yes, all of our Hard Hat Training online courses are up-to-date with the latest OSHA standards. As standards change, we make changes to the courses. If you purchase any of our online courses outright, though, it will then be your responsibility to update the course in accordance with any changes to the standard.

    Does this course certify or qualify me?

    There is a lot of confusion among operators and even companies about what it means to be certified or qualified. Simply put, no, a course does not certify anyone, only an employer does. Or, in other words, because it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure an employee is properly trained, it is also his or her responsibility to say when the employee is “certified,” “qualified,” or “competent.” The online courses, like our training kits on CD or USB Drive or even live training via a 3rd party, is just a tool to help them in doing so.

    According to OSHA, all operators of heavy equipment must receive operator training. Proper training must include a classroom portion including a written exam, as well as a practical hands-on portion/exam wherein the operator is observed operating the machine. The online course satisfies the required classroom portion of the training. Upon completion of the course and written exam, the safety administrator of the company will receive a checklist which can be used to observe the trainee on the machine. When done successfully, the administrator signs the bottom of the form. At this point, unless further training is required by your employer, you have done everything required by OSHA to be considered by your employer as “certified,” “qualified,” or “competent.”

    If I pass this class and exam can I take my certification and get a job anywhere?

    See “Does this course certify me?” This will depend on your employer. Remember, it is their responsibility to see that you are trained and if there is ever an accident, it is they who will have to prove to OSHA that they trained you sufficiently. Because of this, while some smaller businesses may simply accept your certificate and a copy of your test, more often than not they will require you to go through their own training program. This is their right to do so. It is their further responsibility to train you in accordance with the job, site, equipment, etc. Having said that, we have fielded many calls from potential employers who wanted to learn more about the classroom portion of the training we offered. After hearing our explanation, they accepted the online class as satisfying the classroom portion of the required training and proceeded to do their own practical.

    How long is the training good for?

    OSHA standards dictate that safety certification needs to be completed at least once every three years. Since no online course can provide “certification,” these courses will combine with your onsite practical training to fulfill OSHA’s requirements for up to three years. Having said that, refresher training is required sooner if an employee changes sites or jobs, is asked to operate a different type of the equipment, is involved in a near-miss or accident, or is observed operating the machine in a dangerous manner.

    Will I get a certificate?

    Yes, upon successful completion of the course and exam, you will have immediate electronic access to your test, a certificate, and a checklist you can use for the practical hands-on portion of the training. Simply print them off.

    How many people can use this course? Can I play it for several employees at the same time?

    When a course is assigned to an employee, only that employee can take the course. There are many reasons for this, but most importantly the course is designed to train that one employee per OSHA regulations. Also, there is a final written exam at the end that will be linked to the trainee assigned. OSHA requires proof of training and if multiple people were to sit in on that one course, they would not get credit for taking it.

    Can I customize the classes?

    Your business’s learning portal can be completely customized for your employees including colors and logo. Additionally, if you purchase our courses outright to be used on your own company LMS (learning management system), you also get the right to rebuild them and customize them to meet your own needs. If you have Adobe Captivate, which we use to build our courses, customization is even easier.

    Are SCORM/Tin Can options available for use on our own company LMS?

    All of our online courses are designed to be SCORM-compatible and can be easily uploaded to your company’s current SCORM-friendly LMS. You can license their use annually or purchase them outright. Licensing or purchasing them outright does not, however, give you the right to resell or distribute our courses to parties other than those whom you are training.

    If we buy or license the eLearning courses for use on our own LMS, can you customize them for us?

    Yes, we have done and continue to do this for clients. Pricing depends on the extent of customization requested. Please contact us for a quote.

    Can I resell these trainings?

    We do have resale options available. Contact us regarding resale opportunities.

    How do I Look Up My OSHA Alignment Safety Certification?

    So, you have already purchased a course from us, taken the online training, and passed the certifaction exam with flying colors. Now what? Most people want to print off a copy of thier OSHA Alignment Safety Certification and keep it for your records. Learn how to do that.

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    How Does Online Training Work?

    Each employee or individual takes the online course at their own pace. Quiz questions are included along the way to prepare for the final exam (Employers or managers may assign employees to specific safety courses). Quiz questions are included along the way to prepare for the final exam.

    Instant access to your safety certification and wallet card is granted when the online course is completed and the subsequent online exam is passed. Once the online exam is passed, administer the practical exam. We suggest correcting any mistakes and having the trainee initial the edit on the practical exam sheet. Congratulations! You have finished your online safety training course.


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