Rigging Hardware Inspection Poster


Rigging gear inspection is required before rigging any loads. Our posters are designed to catch the eye, increase retention and improve safety. That’s our hope anyway. So get your unique 12×18 poster today!

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This rigging hardware inspection poster was designed to showcase common issues found while inspecting rigging gear. Can you spot the areas of concern? Could these rigging components continue to be used or would they need to be discarded?

Almost without fail, when we go on sites to offer training or certify and load test cranes, we come across rigging gear ( (synthetic slings, hooks, safety latches, wire rope, chain slings, hook blocks, eye bolts, shackles, etc.) that is not acceptable for use and yet it is being used. Equally as often in these cases, these companies are not inspecting their slings, wire rope, eye bolts, shackles and other gear as often as they should. OSHA makes it very clear that these items must be inspected before use. As far as harward inspection goes, you are visually inspecting them for things such as:

  • Legible capacity tags, proper markings
  • damaged or failing rope
  • bent or elongated links
  • signs of deformation
  • Missing safety latches or other components
  • approved components and not cheap or homemade replacements
  • Bent or damaged body or pins
  • Excessive rust or grime
  • mismatching or incorrectly configured parts


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