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Skid Steer Safety Training PPT

April 7, 2015

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Listen, love it or hate it, PowerPoint is a tool that many people use to train. This is true in maritime, construction, industrial, etc. And while it has pros and cons like any training tool, I have seen great looking PowerPoint presentations delivered dryly, as well as poor looking presentations delivered dynamically. Again, it's a tool for you to use, which means how you use it is up to you.

As far as our Hard Hat Training Series goes, we use a variety of programs to create tools for employers to use to train their own heavy equipment operators. Our OSHA compliant training kits come with a main Skid Steer Safety PowerPoint. The reasons for this are very simple: one, almost everyone has it; and two, and most importantly, it can be customized. We've done the legwork for you, but once you buy the kit, the presentation and other files are yours to use, print, and customize as often as needed. Add slides, add images, add test questions, change out of logo for heaven's sake! Make it work for you.

In fact, that's what OSHA requires of you anyway. Regulations state that heavy equipment operators need to be trained according to the specific equipment, specific job, and worksite.

So if you have always used a John Deere skid steer loader, but now you are asked to hop on a Bobcat skid steer then you will most likely need some additional training. These presentations can help. Just change them up as needed or skip to the section specifically addressing Bobcat skid steer operator controls.

Having said, take a moment and check out our new OSHA training kit for skid steer loader safety training. Check out a sample of the Skid Steer Training PPT below to see what the presentation will look like. Keep in mind, you can change anything you want using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Check out full details about this Skid Steer Operator Training Program where you or your crew can get the skid steer certification and training OSHA requires.

Skid Steer Training PPT

View a Sample of the Skid Steer Training PPT (100% OSHA-compliant)

"Stop training the hard way. Do it the Hard Hat Training way instead!"
— Arthur Lee, CEO