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Training Construction Certificate by Hard Hat Training OSHA Compliant

Certificate / Wallet Card


Both OSHA and OHS standards require proof of training. So leave no doubt about the authenticity of your OSHA-compliant or OHS-compliant operator training. Get your high-quality official certificate and wallet card sent to you in the mail. Hand the certificate to your employer, put the operator qualification card in your wallet, and get back to work, knowing you have what it takes to keep safe on the work site.

Available for OSHA-compliance, as well as Canadian OHS/CSA-compliance.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: During checkout, please specify in the purchase notes the trainee name, which training the card is for (i.e., Aerial Lift, Excavator, Rigger. etc.), and date of completion!


Additional Product Information

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Safety Certificates & Wallet Cards

OSHA and OHS standards require proof of training. Make sure your safety training certificate matches the quality of the training. Get an official copy sent in the mail for your employer to file under your name. Get an official wallet card to keep with you too! Time, weather, and the daily grind can quickly ruin or diminish the quality of self-printed heavy equipment operator qualification cards. Leave no doubt as to the quality of your operator certification and have us mail you our official Hard Hat Training Series wallet card. Professionally designed and printed, they are sure to hold up.


Hard Hat Training, a brand of Safety Provisions, Inc.

Our mission statement is to make safety training easy and affordable, and to invite companies everywhere to stop doing things the hard way and, instead, start doing them the Hard Hat Training way!

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"Stop training the hard way. Do it the Hard Hat Training way instead!"
— Arthur Lee, CEO