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In the News: Unpredictable Accidents

September 19, 2021

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Investigators are still looking into what may have caused the deadly accident in a plant at Fayetteville, North Carolina. Currently, all we know is that the two workers were found dead by unknown reasons. The plant was quickly evacuated, and Hazmat teams were called in to deal with the situation. This was a tragic event. The company told investigators that both of the workers knew about the safety procedures they were supposed to take. One of the workers even had a long history with the company. Despite that experience, these tragic fatalities still seemed to strike out of nowhere.

The need for good safety and health programs is greater than ever. There are thousands of jobs with millions of potential hazards. The scariest truth is that there is no way to predict all the dangers. Even if every safety protocol is followed, there is still a chance that hazards can pop up on a worksite. In the case of this deadly accident, the cause remains unknown. Despite the training of both workers, something happened that they could not foresee.

There will always be hazards at every worksite. Rather than try to prepare employees for every possible situation, it is more important to teach employees how to adapt to new challenges. The safety and health programs that employees learn from should not only make them aware of safe practices but should also help them create their own safe habits. Employees need to know when they are in danger. They also need to know how to keep calm in the face of that danger and how to avoid it. At Hard Hat Training, we have made it our goal to provide training that helps employees feel confident at their worksite. For more info on safety and health programs, follow this link. Additionally, you can find more trainings at our official website.

Good luck and stay safe!

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