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Excavator Safety: Find the Right Excavator Training

April 2, 2015

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At Hard Hat Training, we believe that proper excavator safety training is key to getting a job done quickly and safely. And while practical knowledge of a machine is crucial, federal OSHA guidelines mandate that even the most experienced operators must be reminded of excavator safety standards at least once every three years.

Accidents happen every single day at job sites around the world. For this reason, selecting the right safety training program could be one of the most important decisions you make for yourself as an excavator operator or for your crew. Here are some of the top components we recommend looking for when selecting your own excavator safety training program:

OSHA-compliant Training

This seems like a no-brainer, but before selecting an excavator safety training course it's important to make sure the program meets OSHA standards. After an accident has already occurred is no time to discover that your excavator training was not compliant with OSHA standards. This can lead to violations of OSHA standards, which could be the cause of serious legal consequences for the company responsible for the work.


Excavator safety training is not just meant to teach the safe operation of the equipment. It's also meant to protect the health of the other crew members on the job site and legally protect the company in the event of a workplace accident. Negligence related to proper safety training can be a very costly and messy legal issue if an accident does occur. For this reason, it's important to make sure that you select an excavator safety training program that covers all aspects of the operation including lifting safety, the safety of co-workers, possible accidents, and knowledge of the equipment itself.

Easy-to-Use Program

Excavator operators earn their money on the job site, not in the classroom or in front of the computer. For that reason, you ought to select an excavator safety training program that's easy to access, easy to navigate, and as quick as possible to complete. Lengthy, cumbersome training classes and courses lead to missed days of work. This is frustrating for the operator and the company alike. At Hard Hat Training, we're especially proud of the design and usability of our excavator training courses.


As we covered above, it's important for your excavator safety course to be OSHA compliant. It's also critical to cover real-life scenarios and accident profiles, illustrating the dangers of working with excavators and trenching on job sites. Practical excavator training ensures that operators know much more than just theory. It ensures that they'll be able to navigate scenarios and dangers they are likely to encounter on your job site, helping avoid potential accidents before they occur.

Great Testing

The final competency exam provided with an excavator safety program becomes very important in the event of an accident. This exam displays whether an operator was properly trained and informed of excavator safety standards. After completion of a final exam, it is good practice to print out the exam and review it with the operator. This will uncover areas where the training program failed to completely inform the operator of rules, best practices, or potential hazards. It will also prove an important document defending the company against legal liability in the event of an accident. However, with proper training and review, operators should be familiar with excavator safety to the extent that potential accidents can be avoided!

The true value of an excavator training program is usually taken for granted until an accident takes place which could have been avoided. Keep this in mind and choose wisely!

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